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Europe Student Activities

Due to COVID concerns, in-person DoDEA-Europe Student Activities scheduled for October, November, and December 2020 have been cancelled. We have developed virtual activity opportunities for our students.   For more information please visit our Return to School, Health & Safety Tab in the Downloads section.

Dr. Mary Leonhart Retirement

After a DoDEA career spanning over 37 years, four continents, seven districts, and five schools, Dr. Mary Leonhart will retire from her current role as Student Activities Coordinator for DoDEA-Europe at the end of March.

Mary is thankful for the fabulous opportunities, amazing colleagues, and outstanding students she has experienced throughout the 37+ years of being a DoDEA employee. She will retire to her hometown of Lawton, Oklahoma and enjoy her time decorating, creating, entertaining family and friends, and volunteering in the community.

Students in Snapshot

The DoDEA-Europe Student Academic Activities program offers a wide variety of events that enhance and expand student learning, supporting the curriculum standards, developing 21st Century Learning Skills, and preparing students for college and careers. Each event is carefully planned to appeal to a diverse group of learners and strives to parallel experiences and opportunities offered by CONUS schools for our military-connected students living abroad. Invitations, information, and applications for events are published in the weekly packet which is distributed to all schools. These events are often springboards for meaningful careers and life-long highlights of high school life.

Involvement in Co-Curricular Student Academic Activities offers many advantages for students. This program promotes student achievement, citizenship, and service to the community while developing self-esteem, self-confidence, and social cooperation. The DoDEA-Europe Student Academic Activities program supports student achievement by helping to establish a safe, positive climate of cooperation and competition. These motivational co-curricular events promote experiential learning, healthy decision-making, and life skill development while developing responsible student leaders and global citizens. The events also promote respect for diversity and worldwide cultures. Student Academic Activities provide an opportunity to develop an appreciation and understanding of the Host Nation while participating in many typical “American” activities.

Quality extracurricular programs offer students opportunities to explore, engage, and elevate their interests and reflect on future career options. When students participate in activities, they are engaged in the basic concepts and principles of leadership and initiate a process of leadership skill development. Involvement in co-curricular activities provides students with opportunities to expand self-confidence, refine their skills, and develop social cooperation. Through introspection, reflection, and guided evaluation students can realize their leadership style, sense of commitment, and continuous growth on many levels. While DoDEA-Europe provides transportation, critical staff and material resources in support of these Student Academic Activity events, there are student fees to provide food and lodging.