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Practice Starting Date: TBD

Our winter sports season opens in early November each year with the first competition for most schools scheduled the first weekend in December.Schools may offer girls and boys basketball, wrestling, cheer and marksmanship during this season.



After participating in the regular season, approximately 14 games, all schools will have the opportunity to participate in the European Championships held at the end of February in Wiesbaden. Regular season records will be used to assist in seeding of the teams by Division.  Schools will compete by Division (I, II or III) in pool play or a round robin format with the top teams advancing to the finals.

Awards: Team Awards: Division I, II and III – 1st through 3rd place; All Tournament Selections – 8 players with one of these players being named the MVP. All Europe First and Second Teams will be selected.



Wrestlers will hone their skills in their regular season matches preparing for the sectional qualifying meets to be held in early February.  Three sectional meets will be held across Europe with schools authorized to enter a maximum of two wrestlers in each of the 14 weight classes. The 1st place winners from the sectional meets will automatically advance to the European Championships the following weekend, with 3 wrestlers from the various sectionals being chosen as wild cards to complete the field of 12 wrestlers per weight class. During the two-day European event, wrestlers will be placed in pools to wrestle a round robin with the top wrestlers in each pool will advancing to the semi-final matches.

Awards: Individual Medals:1st through 4th place;Team Awards by Division (I, II, III) – 1st through 3rd place

All Europe: Gold medal winners: 1st Team- All Europe; Silver medal winners: 2nd Team – All Europe



During the winter season, cheer teams will support their teams during the various events while preparing to participate in Wiesbaden at the end of February in the annual Cheer Championships. Teams will participate in the Spirit competition, being judged on skills while spiriting on their teams during the many basketball games. The culminating event is the cheer competition held prior to the start of the Basketball Championships where teams cheer, jump, dance and fly in one of the most exciting events held in Europe.

Awards: Team Awards: Division I, II and III – 1st through 3rd place;All Tournament Selections – 12 Division I and II;10 Division III, All Europe First and Second Teams will be selected.


Participants will shoot during the regular season to qualify for the Marksmanship Championships held the last weekend in January.  A maximum of 6 teams of 6 shooters each will qualify.  During the championships, shooters are vying for individual recognition in each of the three positions: kneeling, prone and standing. Individual scores when then be tabulated to determine team scores.