About the Europe East District

The DoDEA-Europe East District is comprised 32 schools in seven Military Communities; Wiesbaden, Baumholder, Grafenwoehr, Ansbach, Stuttgart, Hohenfels, Vilseck and the Kaiserslautern Military Community (Landstuhl, Ramstein, Vogelweh, and Sembach). The Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC) has the largest American population outside the United States totaling about fifty thousand. The district is centrally located in Europe with fairly easy access to most European countries.


The basis of prioritizing and mapping curriculum:
The identification of Priority/Power Standards
The Non-Negotiable/Essential Standards, 21st Century Skills

Data Driven

All assessment data, to include grades, attendance, and performance on a variety of assessments, as well as the "soft" data, to include issues children are dealing with such as deployments and PCS moves, must be addressed in order to maximize student learning.

Student Focused

We are committed to knowing and understanding every child's uniqueness. This means that we are dealing with the "heart and the head" of every child, ensuring his/her needs are addressed, and expecting and working toward every student's maximum potential.
For Highest Student Achievement for All Students
All means each and every child that comes through the doors of our classrooms.

The East District has adopted the Southern Regional Education Board Goals as the building blocks for the Vision:
Using Data to Lead Change
Creating a High Performing Learning Culture
Prioritizing, Mapping, and Monitoring Curriculum
Providing focused and Sustained Professional Development
Building and Leading Effective Teams
Linking Assessment and Instruction