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Releasing Student Information To Military Recruiters

For: Parents of each 11th and 12th Grade Parent and Student who has reached his/her 18th birthday:

Based upon DoD Instruction 1304.24, "Use of Directory Information on Secondary School Students for Military Recruiting Purposes", and DoDEA Systems Notice 26, schools are required to provide armed forces recruiters access to 11th and 12th grade students information. DoDEA officials must provide high school student names, addresses, and telephone listings unless a parent or student (18 years old or older) requests that this information not be released.

Frequently asked questions and answers concerning release of student information:

What information is released?
Unless withdrawn, every 11th and 12th grade students name, address, and telephone listing will be provided.

What is the form to request a name be withheld from release?
It is DoDEA Form 600R.

Where can I find the form?
It is available during registration for school or at the school, as well here: DoDEA Form 600R

Where and when do I need to turn DoDEA Form 600R into?
Turn the form into the high school registrar or principal by 1 Oct of each year.

When will the names be released?
HQ DoDEA will release one list to OSD Military Personnel Policy/Accession Policy for use by military recruiters after October 30 of each year.

Can a parent or student ask for the name to be withheld from a specific Service?
No, student information is provided to all or none.



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