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MathCounts State Competition 2014

DoDDS Europe
WIESBADEN, Germany | April 8, 2013

The 2014 DoDDS MATHCOUNTS State Competition was held in Wiesbaden this year at the Youth Activities Teen Center.


Seven schools competed in this year's 2014 Mediterranean District Chapter MathCounts competition, which was remotely held on February 11, 2014 at each participating school. Official teams of four "maththletes" represented Ankara EHS, AvianoM/HS,, Incirlik US, Lajes US, Rota M/HS, Sigonella M/HS and Vicenza MS.Congratulations to all the schools, coaches  and individuals who participated in this year's MathCounts competition.The collective hard work and effort wasobvious.Special congratulations go to the 6th graders who participated in spite of the obvious handicap ofcompeting against students from higher grades.

Congratulations go to the following teams and individuals for their finishes in the Mediterranean MathCounts District Competition and especially for VMS and AvianoMHS teams for qualifying for the next round:

Congratulations to the following teams:

First Place: Vicenza MS  Gene Tramm

Second Place: Aviano MHS  Kurt McCormick

Third Place:  Ankara Unit School  Senem Kadioglu

 Participating schools select four students to compete as teams and individuals in Chapter meets that were held in February. The winning teams from each Chapter contest advanced to the DoDDS State Competition.


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