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Teens share deployment wisdom

Chelsea Bissell, U.S. Army Garrison Bavaria Public Affairs
Vilseck, Germany | February 24, 2014

 When Dr. Michael Priser, Vilseck High School psychologist, first met with his "deployment group," six VES students of deployed parents, he found that most didn't need his help.

"It was interesting to watch the dynamics of the group," said Priser. "Some of them needed moral support, but most of them didn't. They had already been through deployment six or seven times."

With their collective years of deployment, the students were in a better position to give advice than receive it, Priser realized. Their experience could help younger military children facing their first or second deployment.

The group brainstormed what helped them and their families, and compiled the best ideas in coloring book for elementary-aged children.

The goal of the book, explained Priser, is to guide younger children toward constructive ways of addressing the complex feelings and problems surrounding deployment.



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