Kaiserslautern District Superintendent to Attend National Meeting of Innovative School Leaders

For Immediate Release — April 14, 2015 | EU-East

KAISERSLAUTERN, GERMANY — April 14, 2015 — Kaiserslautern District Superintendent Dell McMullen will join a select group of national education leaders to share ideas and developaction plans for using technology to support teaching and learning.

From Apr. 19-21, McMullen will participate in the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools meeting in Vancouver, Wash. The meeting is co-hosted by Vancouver Public Schools, a national leader in digital learning.

At the meeting, McMullen will participate in school visits, collaborative workshops, and a film festival showcasing the innovative work of students andeducators within the League. The meeting will focus on how districts can tell their own story of innovation and engage their communities.

McMullen says, "I am thrilled to be a part of this innovative group of forward thinking educators.We know that innovation doesnot happen in a vacuum.Our best ideas come from collective enterprise and shared knowledge. When we work together, we get better results and we get them quicker. That's the beauty of the League….committe deducators working together to improve outcomes for our students."

The League of Innovative Schools is a national coalition of 57 school districts that collectively represent more than three million students. The League fosters collaboration between education leaders and entrepreneurs, researchers, and thought leaders.The goal of each meeting is to address members' shared priorities and set goalsthat district leaders will pursue throughout the year.

The Kaiserslautern District was accepted into the League based on its leadership, evidence of results, innovative vision for learning, and dedication to collaboration. Upon joining, members commit to share lessons learned, participate in national andregional forums, and partner with research institutions, technology developers,and each other to deliver better results for students.

"Our League meetings offer district leaders a place to discuss their challenges,share successful strategies, and solve problems together," said Sara Schapiro,director of the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools. "By bringing these districts' stories and perspectives together, we hope all of our League members come away with new ideas and practices for their communities."

Follow the hashtag #LISVPS and Dell McMullen on Twitter for live updates and to learn more about the meeting.

For moreinformation on the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools, visit: digitalpromise.org/league. For more information on Vancouver Public Schools, visit: vansd.org.