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Ramstein Middle School takes top honors in 2014 DoDDS MATHCOUNTS competition


The “Mathletes” from Ramstein Middle School walked with the top honors in the 2014 DoDDS MATHCOUNTS State Competition.

WIESBDAEN, GERMANY — March 28, 2014 — The “Mathletes” from Ramstein Middle School walked with the top honors in the 2014 DoDDS MATHCOUNTS State Competition.

The four-person team of Gavin Kim, Baileigh McFall, Nijel McIntosh and Justin Parvizi outlasted 11 other middle schools from DoDDS-Europe and DoDDS Pacific. The team was coached by Mark Krevalis.

Federico Musto from AFNORTH Middle/High School was the top individual participant. David Worthington from Netzaberg Middle School finished first in the Unofficial Countdown Round.

MATHCOUNTS is a national coaching and competition program designed to stimulate 6th through 8th grade students' interest and achievement in mathematics. Participating schools select four students to compete as teams and individuals in Chapter meets held in February. The winning teams from each Chapter contest advanced to the DoDDS State Competition.

The 2014 Raytheon MATHCOUNTS National Competition will be held at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort, on May 8th-11th, in Orlando Florida.

Representing DoDDS State will be a team composed of the four highest scoring individual finishers at the DoDDS State MATHCOUNTS Competition. The coach of the top team, Krevalis, will coach the team at the national completion.

The DoDDS state representatives are:

Federico Musto, AFNORTH MHS
Nijel McIntosh, Ramstein MS
Annette Belleman, Robert D. Edgren MHS
Justin Parvizi, Ramstein MS

Final Results

Team Placements:
1st -- Ramstein MS
3rd -- Seoul MS
4th -- Aviano MHS
5th -- Robinson Barracks EMS
6th -- Lakenheath MS

Individual placements:
1st – Federico Musto, AFNORTH MHS
2nd-- Nijel McIntosh, Ramstein MS
3rd-- Annette Belleman, Robert D. Edgren MHS
4th-- Justin Parvizi, Ramstein MS
5th—Liam McCammon, Lakenheath MS
6th—David Worthington, Netzaberg MS

Unofficial countdown round:
1st – David Worthington, Netzaberg MS
2nd—Gannon Palm, Vicenza MS
3rd—Nijel Mcintosh, Ramstein MS
4th—Federico Musto, AFNORTH MHS
5th—Justin Parvizi, Ramstein MS
6th—Liam McCammon, Lakenheath MS

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