DoDEA Europe East District 2023 Teacher of the Year

Oona Delaney East District TOY

Oona Delaney as the DoDEA Europe East District 2023 Teacher of the Year

KAISERSLAUTERN, GERMANY — March 1, 2022 — Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Europe East Superintendent, Mr. Steven L. Sanchez, is pleased to announce the selection of Oona Delaney as the DoDEA Europe East District 2023 Teacher of the Year. “We are so proud of Oona and her selection as the Europe East District Teacher of the Year.  Oona is a wonderful teacher who builds positive, enduring relationships with her students.  She is dedicated to their success and works tirelessly on their behalf.  It’s teachers like Oona who have made DoDEA such a special school system for the past 75 years! Mr. Sanchez said. Mr. Bassett, her supervisor, and principal at Landstuhl ES said, Ms. Delaney is enthusiastic, child-centered, collegial, and very much a team player that always has what is best for kids at the forefront of her coaching/teaching philosophy.

Ms. Delaney is an Instructional Coach at Landstuhl Elementary School. Oona believes when teachers decide together on the vision and strategies to reach students, they become invested in the change they create within.

Ms. Delaney has helped to create an environment of professional trust that promotes innovation and collaboration with shared ownership for student achievement. As a lifelong learner, Ms. Delaney says she “seeks to continually improve my practice through coursework and collaboration with school and district colleagues.”
Whether she is designing professional development or modeling a classroom lesson, Ms. Delaney prioritizes voice and choice, creating a community of learners that feel engaged, challenged, and heard.

Ms. Delaney holds master’s degrees in both Anthropology and Education.  She works as an Instructional Coach for grades K-5 at Landstuhl Elementary School and has taught for 14 years in Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools.

She is a 2021 District ToY nominee and helped prepare the winning application for the 2020 National Blue Ribbon awarded to Landstuhl Elementary School.

Ms. Delaney now moves on to the DoDEA Teacher of the Year program.