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DoDEA Europe Regional Office

DoDEA Europe is one of 3 geographic regions within the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA). DoDEA, as one of only two Federally-operated school systems, is responsible for planning, directing, coordinating, and managing prekindergarten through 12th grade educational programs on behalf of the Department of Defense (DoD).

The first organized schools for the children of U.S. military personnel serving in Europe were established during post-World War II reconstruction. Throughout the decades, Department of Defense schools evolved to become a comprehensive and high-performing K-12 school system solely dedicated to educating the children of America's heroes.

Today, DoDEA Europe schools serve over 24,000 children of U.S. military and eligible DoD civilian personnel families stationed throughout the European theater. The DoDEA Europe teaching, administrative and school support team includes thousands of full-time professionals. Our schools are geographically organized into three districts (Europe East, South, and West) serving U.S. military installations across 7 European Nations (Belgium, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, The United Kingdom, Turkey) and Bahrain.

DoDEA Mission:

Educate, engage and empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world.

DoDEA Vision:

To be among the world's leaders in education, enriching the lives of military-connected students and the communities in which they live.

DoDEA Europe Region Office

DoDEA Europe BuildingThe DoDEA Europe's Regional Office, located on Sembach Kaserne in Germany, is led by our Acting, Director for Student Excellence (DSE), Dr. Charles "Chas" Kelker. The Region Office houses both the Center for Instructional Leadership (CIL) and the Forward Integrated Support Team (FIST).

The Centers for Instructional Leadership (CIL) is designed to provide schools and teachers with appropriate educational and professional development support. The CIL supports the Americas region by providing targeted and timely professional development to staff, establishing leadership pathways for teachers and school leaders, ensuring consistency and conformity for DoDEA initiatives, and addressing skill gaps for district program support staff and instructional leaders.

The Forward Integrated Support Team (FIST) provides necessary financial and business operations and support resources to the region's districts. The FIST enables district superintendents to focus their time on educational priorities by relieving them of operational tasks thereby allowing superintendents to focus mission-critical initiatives.

Area Leadership
Dr. Charles

DoDEA Europe Acting Director of Student Excellence/Chief of Staff

Jorma Young Chief of Instructional Leadership Development

Europe Chief of Instructional Leadership Development