Department of Defense Education Activity

DoDEA Europe Defense Travel System (DTS)

Defense Travel System Traveler Information for Europe Personnel.

Welcome to the DTS Travel Help Desk. The Europe Travel Office has fully implemented DTS for official travel management. Most travel inquires are questions relating to filing travel claims/vouchers and the course of action to take in following-up on reimbursements.

For the District DTA Greater emphasis has been placed on informing travelers what procedures to follow to ensure their TDY travel flows smoothly as possible.

Information For All Travelers:

  • Travelers must follow-up with the servicing Area ODTAS (Organizational Defense Travel Administrator) directly if their disbursement has not been received in a timely manner in approximately 1 week.
  • Any needed changes to an approved Travel Order Authorization must be requested and routed through the same channels as the original travel request. The Travel Office does not have the authority to make changes unless approved by the person who originated the travel approval.
  • Those who have not traveled or seldom travel need to be instructed on the following:
    • DTS Self-Registration Profile registration must be completed prior to receiving a travel authorization.
    • TDY: How to properly complete the DD Form 1351-2
    • Local Travel: How to properly complete the SF Form 1164
    • All transportation ticket receipts must accompany the travel claim DD 1351-2
    • All receipts for Lodging, Car Rental, Air travel tickets personally procured and expenses exceeding $75 must be included with DD1351-2
    • Contact information is provided for all DD1351-2 voucher submissions when the travel authorization is received. For more information please contact your local DTA or .

DTS Guidelines, Forms

DoDEA Europe personnel should use these guides, forms, and documents to properly manage their travel plans and expenses: