Department of Defense Education Activity

DoDEA Europe IT Division:

Providing Europe schools, districts, and other divisions with reliable information technology access

Mouse ClickEurope IT Division Mission:

Mission: To provide leading edge Information Technology Systems supporting our schools and business processes with secure enterprise-wide computer resources in support of the DoDEA School Systems.

Vision: To provide our customers with IT Services which are reliable, scalable, standardized and secure.

Infrastructure Operations

Mission: Increase mobility, accessibility, and availability of network services supporting higher achievement of students. Provide efficient, reliable, secure, and timely operational support and maintenance control for all agency network servers located throughout Europe.

Vision: Deliver a robust and responsive network infrastructure capable of supporting the convergence of legacy and emergent technologies that promote the delivery of real-time content to the K-12 school environment we support. To transform the DoDEA Europe data and email support system into a world class enterprise environment supporting the educational mission.

Software Development & Support

Mission: To provide innovative and state-of-the-art automation support services that enable all DoDEA Europe business processes to exceed their complex and mission critical software and systems life cycle and integration requirements.

Vision: Plan, design, program and implement highly efficient and effective systems used to enable the success of all students.

Customer Support

Mission: To provide consistent, exemplary technological customer support in a timely manner, offering innovative, state-of-the-art solutions and seamless service while ensuring complete customer satisfaction for all of DoDEA Europe.

Vision: To provide the finest Customer Support service in all of the Department of Defense Agencies.

Information Assurance

Mission: To ensure the DoD DIACAP requirements are met; to ensure antiviral programs and definitions are current and up-to-date; to regulate spam e-mail filters for the blocking of unwanted email and for the unhindered flow of needed email; to produce computer and network forensic results to agency managers; to scan all agency computers for DoD IAVA vulnerabilities and update as necessary.

Vision: Provide controlled agency computer resource access for all users and ensure compliance with the Department of Defense (DoD) standards, policies, and regulations.