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DoDEA Europe Logistics Division

Supporting excellence in education by insuring safe, functional and attractive facilities.

Floor Plans

Facilities Management

Facilities management administers and oversees the distribution of resources allocated to maintain our facilities in a safe and educationally conducive condition. Important facilities programs include; military construction to build large additions or new schools, repair and maintenance to keep our schools in a safe and sound condition, and the building and maintenance of playgrounds. If there is a facility problem that impacts multiple schools, please contact us. If there is a problem with a single facility, please contact your district superintendent.

Facilities Management Policies:


Property Accountability

The Accountable Officer for DoDEA Europe manages and provides oversight of the property accountability program. The Accountable Officer, Property Book Officer and staff develop Standard Operating Procedures, guidelines, training and other helpful tools so that Districts and schools can perform property management responsibilities at each location. When requested, training is provided to Districts and individual schools either on location or in the Area Office.

We are dedicated to customer service and will promptly respond to customer needs and concerns. We are staffed with knowledgeable and professional employees who will always go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Maintains official database for all accountable property assigned to DoDEA Europe activities
  • Records day-to-day property transactions and reconciles annual inventories
  • Provides training for supply procedures and the operation and management of the Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS)
  • Provides telephonic and on-site assistance to resolve property management problems and insure the integrity of accounts

School Entrance

Logistics Services

The Services section of the branch manages a wide variety of programs and services for the Area Office as well as supporting Districts and schools in many areas. Services personnel provide oversight for school closures and openings as well as managing the drayage contract for movement of freight, supplies and equipment.

Fleet Vehicle Resources