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Kaiserslautern District Assistive Technology Lending Library

The Kaiserslautern District is fortunate to have a center that contains a variety of assistive technology software and equipment for loan to special education programs in schools for special needs students. The goal is to try various assistive technologies with students with special needs. If, after a trial, there is evidence that the assistive technology improves the student’s skills/performance/attainment of goals, then the Case Study Committee (CSC) will consider the device to be necessary and will add it to the Individual Education Plan (IEP). This ensures that a student has what is necessary for success.

The Kaiserslautern Assistive Technology Lending Library also has a large reference library of books and videos covering a variety of topics related to children with special needs and special education programs. Many are useful for inservices with parent and/or teachers, others provide resources for staff on topics such as how to handle various behaviors associated with specific disabilities, how to effectively use paraeducators, and information on autism. With the reauthorization of Indviduals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), all students with special needs must be considered for assistive technology. Assistive technology is defined as anything that can help a student achieve the IEP goals and to participate more independently within the general education setting.The Assistive Technology Lending Library is currently located at:

ico_email Kaiserslautern District Point of Contact

Any trials with assistive technology for students with special needs should be coordinated with the special education teacher. Assistive technology is discussed at every IEP meeting and it is important that the special educator is aware of all students' assistive technology needs. The educator can come over to the Assistive Technology Lending Library to browse through and check out items to try with students. Items are checked out for a quarter, often with an option to extend if the item is not on the waiting list. In order to request items from the Lending Library, the Lending Library Agreement Form can also be forwarded to the Kaiserslautern District Point of Contact. Please note that parents must go through their child's special education teacher in order to borrow items from the Lending Library.

Assistive technology not available to all students in the classroom should be listed on the Individualized Education Plan if required by a special education student. Assistive technology available to all students, (e.g., the computer lab) to which the child has access, usually is not specified on the Individualized Education Plan. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act requires schools to provide assistive technology if it is required for a student to receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). Assistive technology must be provided at no cost to the parents.

How to request items?

1) Review the available Lending Library items list for the Kaiserslautern District.
2) Fill-out an Assistive Technology Request form and email to the Kaiserslautern Representative.

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PDF Icon (small) Assistive Technology Request Form

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