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Dr. Andrew Rynberg - United Kingdom Community Superintendent

Feltwell, United Kingdom – August 18, 2020 - Mr. Kent Worford, Superintendent Europe West District announces that Dr. Andrew Rynberg has been selected as the United Kingdom Community Superintendent, Feltwell, United Kingdom.

During his 23-year career, Dr. Rynberg has served as an elementary, middle, high school, and alternative education principal. He began his career as a high school teacher and routinely draws from those experiences the richness of what, why, and how he provides leadership to schools. Dr. Rynberg has academic degrees in Munitions, Business Management, Accounting, Curriculum & Instruction, and K12 School Leadership. Dr. Rynberg served in the U.S. Air Force and has worked in federal service with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, FDIC, and with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF).

Most recently, Dr. Rynberg served as DoDEA’s Elementary Principal for SHAPE American School in Mons, Belgium. SHAPE Elementary School provides a plethora of opportunities and programs to support a multicultural setting whereby students participate with peers from around the world. Likewise, as with his prior position as DoDEA Elementary Principal with AFNORTH International school in Brunssum, Netherlands, Dr. Rynberg came to appreciate the multicultural academic and social learning opportunities that our students have benefitted from each day.

Prior to his leadership role at AFNORTH Elementary School, Dr. Rynberg served as the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction for the School District of Indian River County (SDIRC) in Vero Beach, Florida. As SDIRC’s leader of curriculum and instruction he oversaw the needs for 26 schools, 1,200 teachers, and 18,000 students.

Dr. Rynberg also supported more than 100 schools as a Principal Leadership Coach. As a certified Leadership Coach with Michigan State University and as an Instructional Coach with the University of Florida. Since 2005, he has worked with and supported more than 200 school leaders as well as thousands of instructional staff.

As United Kingdom Community Superintendent for the Europe West District, Dr. Rynberg will continue to work for the best possible outcomes needed to promote the social, emotional, and academic needs of all kids and will provide strong leadership to support DoDEA’ s leaders, staff, and parents for the highest quality education for students.

Dr. Andrew Rynberg

Alconbury Community Schools,Lakenheath Community Schools Community Superintendent

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Phone: +44 163852 7724
EU West UK Field Office
Unit 5400
Lakenheath , APO AE 09461-5400

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