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2019 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

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Your Voice Matters


Beginning in May, DoDEA employees will get the opportunity to participate in the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS). The FEVS is your opportunity to provide thoughts and opinions on job satisfaction, training and development opportunities, work experience, performance recognition, and leadership within our agency. It also delivers data that provides leadership insight into how to improve your workplace experience. 

The FEVS begins May 7 for most of our educators below the region level, and May 22 for everyone else.  Regardless of which survey window you fall into, every eligible employee who has been employed with DoDEA prior to October 1, 2018 will be receive a link to the survey.

OPM will aggregate results to ensure that no individual is identifiable, so your confidentiality is guaranteed. The survey is open for six weeks and takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

Employees will receive an e-mail from either or Each survey link is unique to the individual receiving it, and the survey can only be completed once.  Please don’t forward the link that you receive in the OPM e-mail.

Not sure why you should take the survey? Here are four things you should know about why it’s important to participate.

  1. Your voice is important. The FEVS asks for your opinion on a wide range of topics, such as training, job satisfaction, performance appraisals, work-life programs, and management. Agencies use this valuable information to improve their organizations.
  2. Your responses are confidential. Individual FEVS responses cannot be linked back to you. No one – not even your supervisor – will know how you answered. The reason we insist on confidentiality is, we need your candid and unfiltered feedback.
  3. Your participation matters. The FEVS is sent to a sample of employees, so not every Federal worker gets a survey every year.  If you received one this year, your participation is important and will serve as a crucial voice for employees like you. If you’re not sure if you received an invitation, just watch for an email from OPM.
  4. You will have an impact. Leaders across the government pay close attention to FEVS scores. Thanks to new tools from OPM, including an online tool called, agency leaders can use the results in new and significant ways. With, they can slice and dice the data in ways that give them insights at every level of the agency, even individual offices.

Our goal this year is to increase FEVS participation by 10% and to steadily improve our ranking each year. We surpassed our participation mark last year and increased it to 43%. We also raised our employee engagement score to 63%. All DoDEA employees are encouraged to participate.

The survey is also a critical benchmarking component of the DoDEA Blueprint for Continuous Improvement as DoDEA strives towards organizational excellence.

Your survey responses can help to make DoDEA and other federal agencies better places to work.

Questions? Contact Lisa Holm, HR Specialist, at .