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Southeast District reconciling debts for student meals

Southeast District reconciling debts for student meals

March 29, 2023 The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Americas Region Southeast District is reconciling unpaid balances for the Student Meal Program (SMP) prior to the end of School Year 2022-2023.



Southeast District Feedback Survey

DoDEA Americas Southeast FlagSoutheast District wants to hear from you!

Effective communication is important to the Southeast District because education is a partnership. We solicit feedback from families twice a year and use your responses to identify what is working and how we can improve our communication and engagement.

Thank you for your partnership!

The survey will be available
March 27th to April 28th

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Norovirus Information Sheet

Norovirus Information Sheet

March 01, 2023 Norovirus is a very contagious virus that causes vomiting and diarrhea. Outbreaks are common and can happen at any time, but they are most likely to occur from November to April.
Women's History Month

Women's History Month

February 28, 2023 March is Women’s History Month – a time to honor the contributions of women in American history.
Music in Our Schools Month

Music in Our Schools Month

February 28, 2023 DoDEA joins the National Association for Music Education and schools across the nation in celebrating Music in Our Schools Month (MIOSM) in March. The purpose of recognizing MIOSM in DoDEA is to highlight and advocate for music programs in our schools.
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Upcoming Events

 Apr 3 - Apr 7
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 Apr 11
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 Apr 17
Q4 Progress Reports Issued

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 Apr 28
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Full Calendar
NOTE: Please check your school's calendar for information on additional release days for training, parent teacher conferences, and other activities.

Our Mission

Learn! Achieve! Succeed!

Our Vision

Empowering, motivating and challenging students to become responsible citizens in the 21st century. E=mc21st

Professional Learning Goal
Focused Collaboration- Using the Focused Collaboration Observation Tool (FCOT), the emphasis will be on Stage 5C: Provide accurate, specific, and timely feedback to students by scoring up to 41% by the end of SY 22-23 from 31% in SY 20-21.

Math Goal
All students in 6th Grade Math, 8th Grade Math and Algebra I performing at “meets” or “exceeds” in Mathematics on the CCRS Summative Assessment will increase the school-wide score from 33% in SY 20-21 to 40% in SY 22-23. 

Literacy Goal
All students in Grades 6-8 will increase achievement by the overall average in Performance Levels 4 & 5 Met or Exceeded score in Literacy from 58% in SY 20-21 to 68% in SY 22-23 on the CCRS Summative Assessment.  

Communication Goal
Faith MS will increase its score from 56% on the “Well” rating response in EOY 20/21 to 66% in EOY 22/23 on Q1 (How well does the school inform you about what your child needs to know and learn) from the Communication and Engagement Parent Feedback Form. 

Faith MS will increase its score from 61% on the “Effective” rating response in EOY 20/21 to 71% in EOY 22/23 on Q1 (How effective are your school’s communication methods, strategies, or techniques?) from the Communication and Engagement Faculty & Staff Feedback Form