Faith MS: Transportation

See the GA/AL District Transportation page for general transportation guidance and information about eligibility, school bus safety, behavior etc.

Change of School Bus Ridership

Students may only travel to and from school on their assigned bus. Exceptions will only be made in advance and in writing for serious reasons such as TDY, Emergency Leave, etc. Phone call requests for changes will not be honored for safety and security reasons.

Video Surveillance

School buses may be equipped with video cameras. Public areas of the school may also have video surveillance as a means to ensure safety of our students.


Some students arrive and depart school on bicycles. These students need to wear safety equipment, take precautions,and use extra care crossing streets when riding their bikes to and from school.

Students are to walk their bicycles on the side walk and not on the grass. Failure to walk their bikes on the school campus will result in the confiscation of their bicycles.

Bicycle Racks

Students must place their bicycles in slots on a school provided bicycle rack.  Students are not to leave their bicycles on the ground or park them in front of the exit doors.  Students should not take up more than one space for their bicycle. Students are strongly encouraged to lock up their bicycles. 

The school is not liable for missing or stolen bicycles.

Scooters, Skateboards and Skate Shoes

Scooters, skateboards and skate shoes are prohibited anywhere on campus.  See Scooters, Skateboards and Skate Shoes for more on this policy.