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Faith MS Students Visit Israel

7th grade students took a field trip to Israel in March.
Students asking teacher questions via Google Hangout

Students asking questions

What, you exclaim?!

Yes, they visited Jerusalem along with their English Language Arts (ELA)  teacher Lorri Bach.

The students traveled virtually via Google Hangouts, while Ms. Bach taught the first period class from the outskirts of Jerusalem, where she was traveling.

Ms. Bach's ELA students had been reading a novel about the end of World War I and the development of Israel as a country.  Prior to leaving for the Middle East, Ms. Bach prepared a lesson to give the students a chance to develop questions to ask her on camera.

She was able to pan around and show various scenes during the lesson and the local tour guide even joined on Ms. Bach on camera to help answer the students' questions about Israel.

Outskirts of Jerusalem

Roman troops stationed in Beit She'an were entertained in this amphitheater built at the end of the 2nd century.  Beit She'an, located in the Galilee region of northern Israel, is one of the oldest cities in Israel.

Here's what some of the students had to say about the experience.

Delaney Stokes: "Ms. Bach brought back some of Israel to share with us." I'm glad she went because it gave us the chance to almost go with her because we were able to communicate by using Google Hangouts, which was very special because we still got the chance to see our teacher even though she was extremely far away.Just the experience of getting to see Ms. Bach's amazing pictures was spectacular . . . I'm glad Ms. Bach went to Israel because she brought back interesting information, and a dance which made us all have a fun-filled first period learning a traditional dance. Clapping, kicking, and spinning in a circle, the dance was super fun! Overall, I'm overjoyed that Ms. Bach went to Israel, because even though we couldn't go to Israel, Ms. Bach brought back some of Israel to share with us.

Faith MS 7th grade ELA class and teacher using Google Hangouts

Ms. Bach and her 7th grade ELA students

Brandon Trapp: "My favorite part was learning the Jewish dance, 'Hava Nagila'." When my reading teacher, Ms. Bach went to Israel, my class and I learned a lot about the Jewish culture. One thing I enjoyed was seeing the pictures that she brought back from Israel. I personally thought it was amazing to have a visual image of Israel and learn about the history of some ancient artifacts that have survived thousands of years. One day when Ms. Bach was in Israel, she video chatted with the class from Caesarea, and told us about where she was and what she learned. During the video chat I learned that Caesarea was a port city built by King Herod. My favorite part of the experience was learning the Hava Nagila dance on "Star Friday." I learned that the Hava Nagila is a dance that Jews dance at formal events like Bar Mitzvahs, holiday celebrations or weddings. The best part was the Hava Nagila was simple and easy to learn. The whole class had fun doing the dance. Some kids asked if they could do it again. It was a fun experience, and I would like to do it again! 

Tia Pittman: "Ms. Bach showed me Israel's beautiful side." Ms. Bach's trip to Israel really opened my eyes. She had a once in a lifetime opportunity, and shared it with so many students at Faith Middle School. When Ms. Bach did her presentation in Israel through Google Hangouts she sent out a very inspiring and very well -built lesson. As I watched her on the screen it was just amazing how I could see the Mediterranean Sea right behind her. I never thought I would step a foot in Israel but after Ms. Bach's trip it feels like I actually went there for a day or two. Before Ms. Bach went on this trip, I thought that Israel was a dangerous country. There are many conflicts between Pakistan and Israel, this made me feel that Israel was very unsafe. Once Ms. Bach came back and showed the class pictures of all the artifacts, technology, landforms, and bodies of water she completely changed my perspective. Ms. Bach showed me Israel's beautiful side. This is what I will always remember as a seventh grade student at Faith Middle School, how Ms. Bach included Faith Middle School into her trip to Israel. I really appreciate Ms. Bach sharing this opportunity with me and all of Faith Middle School. This will stay in my mind, my soul, and my heart for a very long time. 


Ms. Bach is a great example of teachers thinking out of the box to make lessons real and meaningful for their students.  Another reason things are #betteratbenning!

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