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Welcome to Suffolk, England, home of the 39th Air Base Wing at Royal Air Force Lakenheath and the 100th Air Refueling Wing at Royal Air Force Mildenhall. We understand the challenges in moving to a new location and hope this information will help you in transition.

The Liberty Wing at RAF Lakenheath is home to both the #1 Rescue Squadron and the #1 Fighter Squadron in the entire United States Air Force! Key support includes medical services, supply, security and force protection, base infrastructure maintenance, communications support, transportation services, airlift and services. To view important information about your arrival to RAF Lakenheath, click below.

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RAF Mildenhall's 100th Air Refueling Wing hosts units from four different major United States Air Force commands-Air Combat Command, Air Force Special Operations Command, Air Mobility Command and United States Air Forces in Europe as well as units of the United States Navy. It is the only permanent USAF air refueling wing in the European theatre.

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