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Ft. Campbell HS

Library Services

The Information Center is open Monday through Friday from 0720 to 1450 for student use.

During the school day, students may come to the Information Center from class with a hall pass from a teacher and must sign the sign-in log.

The following guidelines govern the daily operation of the Information Center:

  • Books may be checked out for 3 weeks and may be renewed if needed. All books should be checked out before taking them out of the information center.
  • Students may check out a maximum of 3 books at a time.
  • Reference materials do not circulate. Articles in magazines and reference books needed by students may be reproduced within reason.
  • DVDs in the information center may not be used by students. The classroom teacher may secure needed items to be used by students for a classroom presentation.
  • Student computer stations with Internet access are available for educational purposes and checking Google email accounts only. Social media sites, personal email, diaries, games, etc. will not be permitted.
  • A student may lose information center privileges for undesirable conduct.
  • Students may have photocopies of schoolwork made in the information center.
  • Any student with an overdue book will have a letter of indebtedness mailed to his/ her sponsor. Failure to eradicate the debt within a 15 day time frame will result in a second letter of indebtedness that is copied to the sponsor's unit commander.
  • Students who need to work in the information center during lunch must have a hall pass from a classroom teacher prior to the lunch period. Without a pass, students must stay in the commons area.

The DoDEA School Library Information Center Program:

  • Provides access to print and non-print resource materials that are aligned to the DoDEA curriculum.
  • Facilitates library services and literacy programming that fosters a love of reading.
  • Defines the essential information literacy skills required for student achievement in the 21st century.
  • Collaborates with educators to design learning strategies and deliver instruction that meets the needs of the military child.

DoDEA Mission

Educate, engage, and empower each student to succeed in a dynamic world

FCHS Vision

Fort Campbell HS is an energetic community, igniting the imagination and inspiring a life-long passion for learning.

School Improvement Goals

SMART Goal A: By June 2018, all students will improve literacy skills in comprehension and analysis of non-fiction content across the curriculum as measured by the selected system-wide and local assessments.

SMART Goal B: By June 2018, all students will improve skills in the heart of algebra by applying instructional interventions implemented across the curriculum as measured by the selected system-wide and local assessments.