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Ft. Knox MHS: Fort Knox MHS Athletics


To be eligible to compete in athletics at FKMHS student athletes must meet the standards set forth in the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) by laws.

  • All student athletes must be enrolled as a full time student at FKMHS to be eligible to compete in athletics. Full time is defined as 4 hours per day out of 6 hours. In terms of our schedule, that means all high school students must be enrolled in five out of a possible 7 classes each semester to maintain eligibility.
  • On a weekly basis, a student athlete must be passing a minimum of four hours per day out of a possible six hours.

Student athletes must have:


All of these forms can be obtained from the guidance office upon registration.

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Transferring Athletes

If you are enrolling a student who wishes to participate in athletics, it is critical to inform the guidance office upon registration that your student is an athlete and will need a transfer form completed.

When a student athlete enrolls at Fort Knox Middle High School after they have begun their high school career in another high school in our state or any other location, an athletic transfer must be completed. The transfer paperwork must be completed before a student may participate in any sport, and can only be done when the student enrolls at his/her new school. This paperwork requires our athletic director to verify if the student has any varsity experience at a previous high school. If there was previous varsity experience, then the form must be forwarded to the Kentucky High School Athletic Association for a final ruling. This process generally takes about two weeks to complete.

Admission Prices

Non military ID Card Holders

Military Cardholder



Students (Kindergarten and up) $3.00
Children (Age 5 and under) Free

KHSAA Spectator Conduct Provision Policy

Adopted 05/08/2019

Implementation begins with SY 2019-2020


Any adult spectator (adult who is not listed on the current roster of coaches for the school) at any KHSAA sanctioned interscholastic event (scrimmage, regular or postseason contest) who is removed by school administrators or by law enforcement (whether or not referred by an official) shall be suspended from attending, at minimum, the next contest at that level of competition and all other contests at any level in the interim.

Gate Procedures - All FKMHS Sporting Events

All first time or infrequent visitors who have not been vetted (THIS INCLUDES THE BUS DRIVER AND COACHES) and who do not have a post ID card

(Military ID or CAC) MUST use the visitor control center(open 6 AM-9 PM, 7 days a week) for the mandatory vetting process. This will normally take

about 3 minutes to complete. You should also have proof of insurance and vehicle registration ready, if requested.

Far left lane(s) will be used for vetting when the visitor control center is closed.

Website for details about vetting process:


Events at Fort Knox Middle High School Campus

Events at Macdonald (Middle School Basketball)


Bus Information

  • Weekdays (Monday-Friday) until 7 PM:  Buses use Brandenburg Station Rd.  Anyone 18 years or older, should have a picture ID, including athletes, coaches and driver.
  • Weekends and Weekdays after 7 PM:  Buses need to enter Chaffee Gate, at Bullion Blvd East.  Anyone 18 years or older, should still have a picture ID, including athletes, coaches and driver.


Exiting Fort Knox

All vehicles, including buses,  must exit either Chaffee Gate at Bullion Blvd or Wilson Road Gate. The Brandenburg Gate closes at 7 PM.

Leaving the High School

To leave the high school: Turn right on Dixie St (this is the street in front of the main high school entrance by the flagpole).Stay on Dixie through 4 way stop and then approximately ½ mile. Then turn left on Library Rd. At stop sign, turn left on Spearhead Div Rd. Go to traffic light. Turn left. Follow through gate. Then Dixie Highway North or South.


Leaving the Swimming pool 

To leave Swimming pool: Turn right from pool parking lot on to 7thAve/Spearhead Div. Go straight through intersection of Spearhead Div Rd/Dixie St. At next traffic light, turn left. Follow through gate. Then Dixie Highway North or South.