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Rucker ES: Red Ribbon Week


Students at FRES march in Red Ribbon Parade

It’s Red Ribbon Week at Ft Rucker Schools!!! Students at Ft Rucker Schools enjoyed a week of great lessons and pledges for a healthy, drug free lifestyle.  Guidance lessons focused on healthy alternatives to drugs and alcohol such as: art, sports or other forms of expression from the Natural High Curriculum:

The official theme for Red Ribbon Week 2018 (Oct. 23 – 31) is “Life Is Your Journey, Travel Drug Free”.  To help students make connections, the daily themes were centered around the word journeys. Each morning students were greeted with music from the band Journey, courtesy of Mr. Hart the amazing Ft Rucker Schools Music teacher and Band Director.

Themes for the Week were:

  • Tuesday 10/24  –  “Tacky Tourist”
  • Wednesday 10/25 – “Racing Through My Journey Drug Free” – (Tennis Shoes and Crazy Socks)
  • Thursday 10/26 – “Oh! The Places You Will Go!” – (Dress as if you will be visiting the place your favorite book takes place.)
  • Friday 10/27 –  “Red Ribbon Day” – (Wear Red)
  • Tuesday 10/30 – Red Ribbon Parade – supported by the outstanding Daleville HS Band, MP’s, Fire Department, Ft. Rucker DPS, McGruff the Crime Dog and Sparky the Fire Dog.

Students from Ft Rucker Elementary School made posters and signs to share their commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Students, staff, and parents enjoyed an exciting parade led by Daleville HS Band, Ft Rucker Fire Truck, McGruff the Crime Dog and Sparky the Fire Dog.

Students were also furnished fun Red Ribbon week goodies and grab bags by Richard Kohl on behalf of Army Substance Abuse Program.

Red ribbons and stickers were furnished by DODEA.

The Ft Rucker Schools mission is “Engage and Equip Learners for Excellence” and Red Ribbon Week is a great way to equip students for the future.

“It’s easier to say “No” when you have a bigger “Yes” in your heart!”

The Red Ribbon Week Parade can be viewed on You Tube via