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Ft. Rucker ES

Dress Code

The first requirement of quality education is to create a safe and disciplined learning environment while maintaining the focus on academic achievement. The FRES Standards of Dress minimize disruptions and distractions caused by inappropriate attire and foster a safe, orderly, professional learning environment. The policy includes all students in grades two through six. The FRES student attire is available in the Ft. Rucker PX and other retail outlets.

All clothing must be solid in color. Acceptable fabrics are cotton, cotton blends, corduroy, wool, or denim. No spandex, nylon, leather or leather-like material is allowed.


Shoes must be low heeled with closed toe/heel and be laced, tied/fastened properly at all times. (no Wheelies/ skate shoes, crocs, sandals, flip-flops, or open-toed shoes of any kind).

On physical educations days, shoes must be safe and appropriate for P.E.


Boy's and girl's shirts must be solid in color. Logos for shirts, sweaters, and sweat shirts must be no larger than a quarter in size.

  • Pullover polo style or dress shirts/blouses with short or long sleeve. Shirts must have collars.
  • Size appropriate sweaters/sweatshirts must be solid in color. They may not have writing/pictures of any kind. They must be worn over policy approved shirt.
  • Turtle neck sweaters/shirts are acceptable in solid colors.
  • Shirts, t-shirts, or sweat shirts with Fort Rucker Elementary school/band/choir/DARE logos are allowed.
  • No sleeveless, see through materials, or spaghetti strap.
  • All shirts be tucked in or have tailored hem that does not show midriff or extend below hips.
  • Outerwear must be put away upon entering the building.

Slacks, Shorts, Skorts, Jumpers, Dresses, Skirts, Capris
  • Colors must be solid.
  • Shorts/skorts must have a 7-9 inch inseam.
  • Skirt length must be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee
  • Pants/shorts/skirts may have no decorative accents.
  • Belts must be plain without studs or other decorations. No chain belts.
  • The following are not acceptable: overalls, painter pants, spandex pants, draw string pants, warm-up pants, wind suits, excessively baggy, tight or revealing clothing.
  • Pants with the small "hammer hangers" are acceptable.

All Students
  • Headgear-no headgear permitted-no jacket hoods - includes kerchiefs, bandannas and caps.
  • Jewelry-no dangling earrings, hoops, collars and heavy chains.
  • Hair-must be of natural color-not color or style that detracts from student learning.
  • Armbands-no armbands (sweatbands) are allowed.
  • Pants will not have frayed hems, rips, holes, tears or drag the floor.
  • Clothing bearing reference to an illegal substance (including alcohol and tobacco), gang affiliation, racial expression, profanity, obscenity, vulgarity, or sexual connotation is prohibited.
  • No tattoos.

Consequences for Dress Code Violation

1st: Call home and have appropriate clothing brought to school or borrowed from nurse and warning.

2nd: Call home and have appropriate clothing brought to school or borrowed from nurse and warning.

3rd: Parents to meet with Principal.

This dress policy is designed to be a religiously neutral, mandatory, universally applicable policy. However, we recognize that in some unique circumstances, accommodations or exceptions to the dress policy based upon medical or religious justifications are reasonable and appropriate. Nevertheless, the mere fact that a request for accommodation is sincerely made and supported by the appropriate documentation does not mean that it will automatically be granted. The school must also determine that the requested manner of accommodation is "reasonable" in light of all the facts and circumstances.

New students, who register after the first day of school, will be given 15 days before being expected to adhere to the standard of dress.

Administrators will address all situations (excessive accessories or items not covered) that may interrupt the learning environment. The Principal is the final authority.

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Engage and empower learners for excellence in a global society.


Empowered and Compassionate Learners Striving for Excellence

School Improvement Goals

Math Goal: All students at FRES will improve their measurement skills in math.

Writing Goal: All students at FRES will improve their sentence structure and editing skills.

Organizational Goal: All students and faculty at FRES will demonstrate the habits of effective team building.