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Garmisch EMS

Student Clubs

Student Council

Student Council The Student Council works to enhance student life, build school spirit and initiate school events and activities from the student perspective. As the student leadership of the school, it works to represent the concerns and opinions of the Student Body to the school and to the school administration. The Student Council will meet twice a month on Fridays straight after school in the Social Studies classroom. If you are a student who wants to make a difference at our school then please join Ms. Lonkhurst and Mr. Harrison at the first meeting of the Student Council on September 15th.

Term: All Year

Meeting Time: 1435 - 1505

Meeting Days: Friday

Open To: Grades 3 - 8

Additional Info: Meets two times per month

Math and More

math Math and More is an after school program offered on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30-4:00 and open to students grades 4-8. As the name suggests, we work with students on assignments in math and their other class subjects.

Term: All Year

Meeting Time: 1430 - 1600

Meeting Days: Monday,Wednesday

Open To: Grades 4 - 8

Outdoor Education

hiking Outdoor Ed encourages students to think critically and solve problems within team building exercises/games (most, but not all, activities will take place outdoors). Planning for out of school outdoor excursions will be based on the interest of the club members. Most excursions will take place on Fridays after school.

We will have meetings occasionally during lunch, but otherwise, this is an event-based club that will not meet at regularly scheduled times. Middle School students (and parents) will be given information about upcoming activities and will have the opportunity to sign up as desired. Be on the lookout for fall events in your email and in our newsletter soon. Have an idea for an outdoor education activity? Please let Ms. Cox know.

Term: All Year

Open To: Grades 6 - 8

Additional Info: Even-based schedule

Running Club

Running Come out and have fun with running and other exercise activities. The purpose of this club is to get kids excited about running, help them build their running stamina, coordination and strength.  Running Club will meet Thursdays from 1:45-2:45, weather permitting. This club is open to all ages and abilities.

Term: Fall,Spring

Meeting Time: 1345 - 1445

Meeting Days: Thursday

Open To: All Grades

Additional Info: Spring - after spring break

Fair Weather Nature Detectives & Young Engineers

nature detectives On outside days, students will spend time in the woods looking for objects, living things, and/or natural phenomenon or creating different things using natural materials, while on inside days they will utilize the engineering process to create objects that move or perform a particular task using materials that we can find around the room. This club will meet starting sometime in March.

Term: Spring

Meeting Time: 1435 - 1535

Meeting Days: Wednesday

Open To: Grades 2 and up

Additional Info: after Wonderful Wednesday ends

Gardening and Horticulture Club

Flower Icon Purpose: Grow and maintain the garden. We are able to extend the growing season with our new greenhouse. We also use seed trays and indoor grow boxes during the winter season. We do work hard! Sometimes we cook and share our produce. We enjoy Nature. This club begins on 29 Aug. Sponsor: Deborah Harrold, room 8.

Term: All Year

Meeting Time: 1435 - 1545

Meeting Days: Tuesday

Open To: Grades 1 - 8

Math Olympiads

Math Students looking to build their mathematical thinking and problem skills are invited to join our Math Olympiad Teams. Our goals with Math Olympiads are: 
  • To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics 
  • To teach major strategies for problem solving 
  • To strengthen Mathematical intuition 
  • To foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity 
The club meets each Tuesdays from 2:35 –3:35.  Participants may take a short, five-problem test every month, to see if they can win a trophy.

Term: All Year

Meeting Time: 1435 - 1535

Meeting Days: Tuesday

Open To: Grades 4 - 6

Geography Club

world Would you like to learn more about the world? Students in geography club will meet once a week to learn about geography and cultures, and to prepare for the National Geographic Bee. 

This club will meet on Wednesdays, 2:35 –3:35. Students will do geography-related activities in order to prepare for the National Geographic Bee. They will be able to self-individualize the areas of geography with which they want to become more familiar.

Term: Fall,Winter

Meeting Time: 1435 - 1535

Meeting Days: Wednesday

Open To: Grades 4-8

Games Club

games Games Club is a board games club for Grades 1-3 (Kindergartners will be eligible to join this club after the first semester). Students will have the opportunity to select and play different games. We will focus on playing fairly and good sportsmanship. Club will begin on the 6th of September and will occur on Wednesdays from 2:35-3:15 p.m. Permission slips will be sent home with students. Kindergartners will be able to join beginning third quarter.

Term: All Year

Meeting Time: 1435 - 1515

Meeting Days: Wednesday

Open To: Grades 1 - 3 (Kindergarten games club will be offered later in the year)

Crazy 8 Math Club


Math Club will be delivered in four 8-week sessions offered throughout the school year. Math Club will meet on Tuesdays from 2:35-3:35. The goal of Math Club is to develop an appreciation and understanding of math skills. Students will take part in a variety of engaging activities that are fun and rooted in math skills. Students will build their self-confidence and excitement for math by participating in hands-on activities solving problems, playing games, and working on projects.

Term: All Year

Meeting Time: 1435 - 1535

Meeting Days: Tuesday

Open To: Kindergarten - 2nd Grade


Robotics Robotics meets Mondays from 2:30 PM –3:30. This is an introductory exploration of programming and design using LEGO robots. The club has tentatively been enrolled in a LEGO competition that may require a few more meetings in a condensed period of time (beyond just Wednesday club meetings). There will also be a spring competition within DoDEA-Europe for the robotics club members.

Term: All Year

Meeting Time: 1430 - 1530

Meeting Days: Monday

Open To: 9 years old and above