GradeSpeed Web-Based Program

GradeSpeed Availability

GradeSpeed is a web-based program that enables parents to log-in to view grade and attendance data for their student(s). GradeSpeed will be the only authorized and supported grade book used by DoDEA employees in Grades 4-12.

All teachers have secure access to GradeSpeed through the use of an Internet web browser. Teachers use the grade book portion of GradeSpeed to enter assignments, grades, and to maintain grade calculations. Teachers are also able to email progress reports to parents through GradeSpeed.

GradeSpeed is just one of DoDEA's continuous improvement initiatives designed to ensure highest student achievement. When parents have timely information about student progress and are involved in the education of their student, the entire learning environment is improved. GradeSpeed enhances that all-important connection between home and the school.

GradeSpeed makes communication between parents and teachers easier, more effective and timelier. Since GradeSpeed is web-based, the program can be accessed from anywhere. Parents who are deployed will be able to stay informed and involved in their child's academic life regardless of location.

Parents must register at: to establish a personal GradeSpeed access account. After their account has been established, parents will be able to login to view grade and attendance data only for their student. They will also be able to view school announcements and calendar events. There is a note feature available in GradeSpeed that parents can use to directly contact their student's teachers.

Parents, remember the following:
  • GradeSpeed is not intended to replace face-to-face communication between parents and teachers in meetings and parent conferences.
  • A teacher's primary job is to teach! While communication with parents enhances the educational experience, parents must be reasonable about expectations on the posting of grades and responsiveness. Please remember to be patient when waiting for an email response.
  • While students may have concerns about how much information parents will have, the truth is children with parents who are involved in their education have a much greater chance to be successful.
  • Always keep your email address current.

GradeSpeed Resources

DoDEA Electronic Gradebook Policy
A PowerPoint presentation for principals to use when briefing parents or community members.
PPT 621 KB
A one-page "How To" flyer that can be printed locally and used for parents and teachers.
PDF 378 KB
Communications Plan Summary
A poster highlighting GradeSpeed that can be printed and displayed locally. Poster 11 x 17 - High Resolution
A poster highlighting GradeSpeed that can be printed and displayed locally. Poster 11 x 17 - Low Resolution
PDF 212 KB
Parental/Student Guidance on GradeSpeed Program Usage
PDF 138 KB
GradeSpeed graphics file for use in local publications or to provide to the media.
(PDF 68 KB)