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Grafenwoehr ES

Policies & Procedures

Student Conduct and Expectations

Parents having disciplinary concerns about a student other than their own at school may speak to the administration, the teacher, or counselor. Parents may NEVER question other students at the school regarding disciplinary actions.

  • The Four School-Wide Rules are:
  • S afety
  • T ry my best
  • A ct responsibly
  • R espect myself, others, and the environment

When suspension from school is the consequence for any offenses of the above, the suspension will be for one half or more days, depending on the seriousness and frequency of the offense. When a suspension has previously occurred, the consequences will be increased if additional offenses occur. Students who are suspended over ten days - even if cumulative over the school year - will be sent before the disciplinary committee. The student will be expected to make up any work missed during the suspension.

The sponsor is responsible for his/her dependents' actions. When serious incidents occur, sponsors will be notified. Additionally, we have the obligation to keep the military authorities, including the Garrison Commander, informed of serious misbehavior. When children are suspended from school for any amount of time, the Office of the Bavaria Superintendent, Base Commander, Unit Commander, and School's Officer will be notified.

Administrative actions that may be taken by the Army Civilian Misconduct Action Authorities in cases of misconduct are identified in USAREUR Regulation 27-9, Misconduct by Civilians, dated September 1990. Administrative actions range from counseling to the suspension of logistic support privileges and/or removal from the host country, depending on the gravity of the misconduct. Civilian employees and their family members as well as military family members are subject to these actions.

For disciplinary infractions involving DoDEA students occurring on school grounds during the school day or while participating in DoDEA-sponsored activities, suspension or expulsion may result. Your attention in this matter is appreciated. If you have additional concerns, please contact the school principal or your Military/Security Police.


Homework is tasks required outside of class time for the successful completion of the goals and objective of the curriculum.

At Grafenwoehr Elementary School, many educational approaches are used to assist children in their learning. The assigning, reviewing, and evaluating of homework is an integral tool used by teachers in the educational process. Homework encourages students to be self-disciplined, independent, and responsible. Homework increases students' academic achievement. Assignments are carefully selected to supplement classroom instruction. Homework cannot be measured by the time required for its completion since different students will spend different amounts of time to complete the same assignment. Quality of homework assignments is considered to be more important than quantity and successful completion of these assignments reinforces the concepts taught in the classroom. Parental support for the value of and completion of homework is essential for students' success in the educational process.

Homework assignments are for:
  • Practice: to provide students with opportunities to apply recent learning or to reinforce newly acquired skills
  • Continuation: to allow students to complete classroom work.
  • Preparation: to allow students to obtain background information so they are prepared for the following day's discussion.
  • Extension: to provide opportunities to extend a concept or skill learned to a new situation. The principle focus of extension homework is production rather than reproduction.
  • Creativity: to integrate many skills and concepts in producing a project.

Students are:
  • Responsible for completing the assignment legibly, neatly, on time, and according to instruction.
  • Responsible for asking for assistance and/or clarification regarding homework assignments.
  • Responsible for having the necessary materials both in class and at home for completion of assignments.
  • Responsible for obtaining and completing assignments missed due to absence.

Parents should:
  • Expect homework based on the discretion of the teacher and the performance of the student, as assigned on an individual basis. If nightly homework takes an inordinate amount of time, communicate your concerns with the teacher. Parents may also send a note stating they stopped the homework due to excessive time or lack of understanding.
  • Provide your child with an environment and the necessary tools that promote good study habits.
  • Encourage your child to work independently while offering assistance. Daily leisure reading should be supported.
  • Enrich your child's learning through your support and encouragement.
  • Please check with your child's teacher for his / her homework policy.

Visitors and Volunteers

We are delighted to have visitors at our school. We require that all visitors sign in at the front office and obtain either a visitor or volunteer badge to wear while in the building. We are a 100% ID check facility. You must have your ID card on you. Parents should not interrupt classes to speak with teachers. So that the classroom teacher can give you their complete attention, we recommend making an appointment in advance to meet with your child's teacher. Parents are always welcome to attend assemblies, exhibits, and evening programs, which are announced in the Grizzly Growler.

Parents may feel free to meet with the principal at any time without an appointment. However, making an appointment ahead of time ensures that the principal will be available to meet with you.

Students arriving late must be signed in at the office. Students being taken from school before the end of the school day must be signed out in the office by a parent or emergency contact listed on the official registration with parent permission.

GES has had a very successful school volunteer program. It is our hope that it will continue to be an integral part of our school program. It is our belief that everyone involved in the school/community volunteer program will benefit: the school, the teachers, the community resource person, and most importantly, the students.

All volunteers wishing to participate within the school must complete the Grafenwoehr Elementary School Local Background Check. Volunteers must complete a new local background check every year.

Arrival / Dismissal:

The vast majority of students travel to and from school by bus. It is important that they have their bus pass with them on every journey. Should there be any change to your child's routine regarding buses you must notify the teacher and the bus office in writing. If you have a problem with the schedule, location of stops or conduct of children on the bus, please contact the SBO at DSN: 472-9254 CIV: 09645-917-9254.

GES Transportation Handbook

Parents may drop off/collect students in front of the school building on Shiloh Street. This is a 3 minute drop off area only; parents should not leave their vehicles. You may not park on the street in front of the school. You may also drop off students in the Chapel parking lot. Parents who need to enter the building before school starts must park in one of the parking lots across the street from the school.

Parking is available in the Chapel parking lot and across the street from the bus lane. Please do not park in the student drop-off area in front of the main entrance.


Problem solving and conflict resolution are integral components to our school's mission statement and behavior plan. We encourage solutions for problems and conflict at the lowest level possible. When parents have questions or concerns, they should contact the school. Calls will be directed to the teacher or staff member who can provide the most direct information. It is usually necessary to leave a message for a teacher to return a call. Parents may also email the teacher. Please contact the main office to receive the teachers email. Whenever the concern involves a specific teacher or any other staff member, parents are requested to discuss this directly with the teacher before elevating it. If the concern is not resolved, parents should then ask for the counselor who will mediate. If there is no resolution, the administrator may be asked to intervene. Any problems which cannot be resolved by discussing them with the teacher, counselor, or administrator, may be referred to the office of the District Superintendent.

Dress Code

Boys and girls are expected to be neat and clean in appearance. Appropriate and safe shoes need to be worn inside and outside at all times. Shoes must have backs on them. Hats and headgear are not to be worn in the school building, including bandanas and doo-rags. There shall be adequate coverage of the body for both boys and girls. Inappropriate dress includes, but is not limited to the following items:

  • Halter / tube tops or tops with spaghetti straps
  • Undershirts / sheer see through / mesh t-shirts or shirts
  • Bare midriffs / belly-shirts
  • Short-shorts / short - skirts
  • Saggy or pants which are not worn above the hip
  • Flip - flops, cleats, or heely's, etc.

Pictures and/or words on any garments must be in good taste. Obscene, vulgar, illegal, or prohibited items (to include weapons, alcohol, or tobacco) are not acceptable. Make-up, perfume, and fingernail accessories are not appropriate for school activities.

Students who do not wear clothing that reflect good judgment, or who do not comply with these guidelines, will be sent to the nurse for necessary action. Should the need arise, parents will be notified and asked to pick-up their child at the school or provide other clothing.

Children must wear enough warm clothing so they can remain outside for at least 20 minutes during recess periods and cold weather anytime of the year. This may include mittens or gloves, a warm coat or jacket, a hat or scarf, and sturdy shoes and/or boots. Cloth shoes become wet and cold and are not appropriate in the winter. Boots worn all day make feet perspire and then become cold when the child goes outside. Outer clothing, to include caps, jackets, and coats will be removed when classes are in session. Please label all coats, jackets, mittens and scarves, etc. with your child's name. During periods of snow, children must wear boots (appropriate for snow). If children are not wearing boots/shoes appropriate for snow, they will be only allowed on the sidewalks. To play in the snow, students must be dressed appropriately.

On most days, pupils will be expected to participate in outdoor physical education activities and recess periods to release their energies, to exercise, and to enjoy the pleasure of playing games with their classmates. If children are dressed warmly and appropriately, there is no threat to their health from engaging in these activities.

For physical education classes, all students are required to wear rubber-soled shoes and appropriate clothing (sweats, shorts and loose-fitting pants) for gym class. Sandals, heels and boots are not to be worn in P. E. class. Skirts and dresses for girls are not appropriate unless shorts are worn underneath. PE class schedules will be published during the first week of school.

Personal Property

The school cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage to items of personal property brought onto the premises. Students should not bring large sums of money, expensive jewelry or other expensive items to school, computer games, toys, or portable electronic devices, or cell phones to school. No items of monetary or sentimental value should be brought to school.