Department of Defense Education Activity

Arrival/Dismissal Procedures


Students authorized to drive to school must register with administration and must park in the designated parking areas. Loitering in any parking area before, during or after school hours is strictly forbidden. Students who do not drive to school may not go to parking areas for any reason at any time, including upon arrival at school, prior to start of classes. Students parking in parking areas unauthorized by Guam High School may be subject to ticketing and/or towing at the owner's expense.


The base installation commander, in coordination with the district superintendent, has the authority to close school, as necessary, in emergency conditions, or when facility deficiencies or inclement weather endangers the health and safety of students and school personnel. School staff members are responsible for students who are on school grounds or in alternate facilities until the emergency is over or students are sent home. Incidents that may require delayed opening or early closure of a school are generally classified as "urgent safety or security" problems such as severe weather, loss of AC, or civil disturbances, or classified as "emergencies" such as fire, bomb threats, or military actions.


An Unexcused Tardy occurs when a student is not in class and ready to learn when it is time for the class to start. Students must be in class on time, seated, and ready to work. Students who are tardy for school may give their excuse note to the front office during the school day. The School Administration determines if the tardy is excused or unexcused. Students are not excused due to heavy traffic, over sleeping, baby sitting, missing the school bus, and power outages. A student arriving late to class without a hall pass is unexcused. Tardies are cumulative in all classes throughout the semester. Both excused and unexcused tardiness are recorded. However, discipline consequences only apply for unexcused tardies. Teachers will let the student know they are tardy each time they are tardy. The administration or their designee will notify the parents on the third unexcused tardy. The 4th through 6th unexcused tardy will result in one after-school detention. The 7th through 9th unexcused tardy will result in two days of after-school detention. Ten or more unexcused tardies result in either In-School Suspension, Out-of-School Suspension, Expulsion, or Notification of Command Students arriving on a late school bus will be excused. Students doing business with a faculty member will be given a hall pass to class and will be excused.