Department of Defense Education Activity

Communication Procedures


Parents and teachers have the welfare and development of the students as their first concern. For this reason, it is important for parents and teachers to work together to help each student. At Guam High School, first quarter report cards are mailed to parents. All parents with students with any D or F will be contacted by the office to arrange for parent/teacher conferences. All parents are invited to call and arrange for a parent/teacher conference held at the end of the first quarter on Friday, November 15, 2013. Throughout the school year, parents may schedule conferences, as they feel necessary. Parents should call the school for appointments. Please do not call teachers during class time.


Progress Reports are issued every mid-quarter.
A phone call is made to the parents of students who are in danger of receiving any D's or F's on their Progress Reports and an email message is sent.
Teachers are required enter one grade per course per week into the official online grade book. Currently, the DoDEA online grade book GradeSpeed.
Teachers are encouraged to use any additional means of informing the parents about their child's academic progress.


Parents should not call students from or during a student's class unless an emergency exists. Students need to be contacted through the Main Office. Students needing to use the telephone during the school day may use the phone on the counter in the Main Office, if they have a pass from their teacher.