Department of Defense Education Activity

Guam High School Discipline Policy


This section describes student conduct warranting disciplinary action or consequence and provides guidance as to the seriousness of offenses. However, this Regulation does not list every offense nor does it dictate the seriousness of any particular offense. Instead, it describes categories of conduct with sufficient specificity to inform the student of the type of conduct that may result in disciplinary consequence and is intended to alert principals to their flexibility in assessing the seriousness of offenses for purposes of determining the appropriate consequence.

Disciplinary sanctions may be imposed for student conduct:

  1. While on school property.
  2. While en route between school and home or any school activity.
  3. While on vehicles owned by the Government or contracted by DoDEA for the transport of students.
  4. During the lunch period on a school day, whether on or off campus.
  5. During or while going to or from all school-sponsored or school-supervised events/activities that affect the missions or operations of the school or district including field trips, sporting events, stadium assemblies, and evening school-related activities.
  6. When the good order, safety, or welfare of the school, students, or staff is affected as a result of out-of-school actions. For out-of-school actions that involve First Amendment rights there must be substantial disruption to the school.

Please look in our handbook for more detailed information.