Department of Defense Education Activity

Dress Code

Uniform and Dress Code Policy

Uniform Top Color Options:

- Navy Blue
- White
- Black
- Gray

Uniform Bottom Color Options:

- Khaki or Navy Blue (no denim or jeans)
- Tan
- Black

Uniform Sweatshirt/Sweater/Jacket Color Options:

- Navy Blue (no denim or jeans)
- White
- Gray
- Blacks
- No logos, designs, tags, brands, or emblems can be visible on any items.

- Pants cannot be low hanging or tightly fit.

Leggings by themselves are not allowed.

Pants cannot appear to be made of denim or jean like materials.

Sheer clothing is not allowed.

Shirts must be buttoned no lower than the second button.

Wearing hats (not part of JROTC uniform) are not allowed. They must be kept in the locker and may NOT be carried around the school during the day. Hoodies CANNOT be covering the head

School uniforms must be worn from bus stop to building, or on school grounds (bus is considered school grounds).

Athletes may wear the official Guam High School sports jerseys on game days or if the game is held on a Saturday, the preceding Friday.

FRIDAYS ONLY  - Bottoms of uniforms remain the same.

  1. Optional sweatshirts promoting the armed forces may be worn. Sweatpants are not permitted.
  2. Spirit T-shirts, Class T-shirts, and Far East T-shirts may be worn in lieu of the uniform shirt.
Dress Code

The purpose of the School Uniform Policy is to encourage our students to experience a greater sense of school identity and belonging, to reduce school clothing costs, to encourage an improvement in student behavior, and to improve academic excellence.

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