Department of Defense Education Activity

Athletics Eligibility

School administrators, athletic directors, and coaches shall ensure that eligibility rules are observed in all DoDEA Pacific interscholastic athletic competition.

Eligibility Rules


A student turning 19 years of age on or before 31 August is ineligible to participate on interscholastic athletic teams for the current school year.

8-Semester Rule

A student shall be eligible for competition only during eight consecutive semesters after entry into the 9th grade.


Only students enrolled in grades 9-12 shall take part in any contest. A student is eligible to participate if enrolled in at least four classes.

Academic Eligibility

  1. To be eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics, students must maintain a minimum 2.00 Grade Point Average and receive no more than one failing grade. All student participants will be monitored on a weekly basis. Grades will be cumulative to date for the quarter. A student declared ineligible can practice but cannot participate in any games. Ineligible students cannot be in uniform for any games or travel to any away games. All freshmen students will be eligible at the beginning of each school year. Returning students may not have had any F grades for the previous quarter and must have at least a 70% average from that quarter to be eligible to participate.

  2. After the first week of the school year, the following monitoring will begin:
    • Grade checks will be done after the completion of the school day on Tuesday.

    • Eligibility will run from Wednesday morning to Wednesday morning.

    • The grade to date for the last week of a quarter will determine eligibility for the 1st week of the following quarter. The quarter grade, which will be available the first week of the following quarter, will determine eligibility for the 2nd week of the quarter. The eligibility checks the 2nd week of the quarter will determine eligibility for the third week, and so on.

    • Semester grades are not used to determine eligibility. Schools may not establish additional eligibility requirements.

  3. Schools will provide intervention support services to students who have been identified as having academic difficulty. These support services may include tutoring and before/after school study sessions.

  4. Academic eligibility may be waived by the principal for students having an Individual Education Program (IEP) on file. Students on IEP's must meet all other eligibility requirements.

  5. Students who are academically ineligible for three weeks may be dropped from the team but only after intervention assistance has occurred.

  6. In order to secure orders and tickets for travel, the eligibility check for Far East events to include the host school, will be the 4th grade check before departure for the event.

Home-Schooled Students

Home-schooled students may participate in interscholastic athletics, as long as they meet all eligibility requirements for those enrolled in school.

Physical Examinations

  1. Before participating in tryouts or practice, students must have a physical examination completed by a physician, physician's assistant, or certified nurse practitioner. Physical examinations are valid for one year from the date of examination, and the form must remain on file at the school.

  2. Camps, conditioning programs, weight training, and other programs which are either sponsored or endorsed by the school require students to have a current physical on file.

  3. All participants, to include team managers, must have a valid physical examination.

  4. DoDEA Pacific assumes no responsibility for the physical exam cost.

  5. DoDEA Pacific assumes no financial responsibility for medical insurance or medical expenses incurred as a result of participation in interscholastic activities.

Transfer Students

  1. Transfer students with varsity or junior varsity experience in an in-season sport are not guaranteed placement on a team at the new school. The decision to place a transfer student on a team rests with the coach's evaluation of the student's athletic skills and other factors related to the team.

  2. Students changing schools within DoDEA retain their eligibility. Students transferring from outside of DoDEA must meet DoDEA Pacific eligibility requirements before competing as a member of a team in interscholastic athletics.

Team Membership

  1. Any player who competes in the first scheduled game or is a member of a team on that date is not authorized to participate in any other sport during that sport season.

  2. Students are eligible to participate in games on the day of withdrawal. If withdrawal is on Friday, students may participate in games through the weekend.

  3. Students who do not attend a full day of school will not be allowed to participate in or attend any school-sponsored event that same school day, which includes a practice or game for any athletic event. Principals are authorized to make exceptions to this policy. (from DoDEA Administrators' Manual - 1005.1) HQ LINK

  4. There is no official DoDEA Pacific policy on the criteria for selection to varsity or junior varsity teams. Individual coaches, with the approval of school administrators, will determine the guidelines.

Appeal Process

Extenuating circumstances may occur in regards to the eligibility rules and may be the basis for an appeal. Appeals should be directed through the school principal to the district superintendent, and on to the area director's office. During the appeal process participation by the student is not allowed. The Pacific Area athletics coordinator will contact all athletic directors with all necessary information in order to provide a decision of the appeal