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Hainerberg Elementary School used to be called Vandenberg Elementary School until the 1970's when the name of the school was changed. This happened when the Headquarters for USAF Europe left Wiesbaden and the U.S. Army took control of the military communities and housing areas. No reason was ever given for the change in name. The school was simply told that the name was to be changed!

Hainerberg was opened in the early 1950's when the entire housing area was built. It was opened as a K-5 school and serviced all the children in the immediate housing area and all the students on the economy. The 7th and 8th grades were located in the northern part of the building and Hap H. Arnold High School was across the street in the next block. As enrollment in the elementary school grew, some of the classes were moved into basement rooms in the housing area along Mississippi Strasse. There were nine of these classrooms and they were first used for 5th and 6th grade, Art and Special Education classes.

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In 1982, a new wing was added to Hainerberg Elementary School, which expanded the school considerably. The basement classes were closed and students from three other elementary schools in the Wiesbaden area (Wiesbaden Air Base Elementary School, Lindsey Air Station Elementary School and Crestview Housing Elementary School) were bused to Hainerberg Elementary. The enrollment at this time jumped from 900 to 1500 plus. Faculty members from these three schools also became part of Hainerberg.

Mascot: Dachshund

School Colors: Red and White