Department of Defense Education Activity

Clubs and Organizations

Heroes Elementary provides enriching opportunities for students. The following are activities and clubs that students can be involved in before and after school.

Flag Team

The Heroes Elementary School flag team is a small group of volunteer 5th grade students.  These students have been nominated by their teachers and the previous year’s flag team members.  These individuals have a sense of citizenship, community service, self-discipline, respect for authority, personal responsibility, leadership, self-esteem and a desire to serve.  After names have been submitted each child is then asked to demonstrate their ability in making military facing movements, their knowledge of the American Flag, and its proper etiquette.  Once the selection of members is established, these students remain on the team until they personally request to no longer serve, transfer or are removed due to inappropriate actions on their part.

POC: 5th Grade Teachers

Meeting Time: 0815 - 0825

Meeting Days: Monday,Wednesday,Tuesday,Thursday,Friday

Open To: Grade 5 students

Girls On The Run

Girls on the Run is an after school activity that teaches girls how to live a healthy lifestyle on the inside and outside. The girls will have a lesson each practice and then participate in running activities.  The girls will run a 5k at the end of the season to celebrate their new healthy lifestyles!

Term: Spring

Open To: Girls in Grades 3 to 5

Additional Info: 2 days a week in the spring for an hour after school.


STRIDE is a fun running program for boys that meets twice a week for 10 weeks after school. STRIDE utilizes games and group activities to teach running, impact health concepts, and help develop excellent character. During the 10 weeks, the curriculum covers topics that are designed to help develop excellent character. STRIDE ends with the team running in a 5K.

Term: Fall

Open To: Boys in Grades 3-5

Additional Info: 2 days a week in the Fall for an hour after school.

WINner's Club

Heroes Elementary School's WINners' Club is an after-school literacy and math support opportunity.  Students are invited to participate by their teachers based on their current gaps in literacy and math standards.  WIN stands for "What I Need" and that is what this club is all about.  Once students are invited, if parents approve their participation, these students remain in the club until this additional support is no longer needed.  Club participants generally change approximately quarterly.  

Term: All Year

Meeting Time: 3:10 - 4:00

Meeting Days: Monday,Tuesday,Thursday

Open To: 1st-5th grade students; Kindergarteners starting in Semester 2 (Separate club for each grade level.)