Department of Defense Education Activity

Welcome to Hohenfels Middle High School and your new status as a “Tiger.” Your teachers, counselors, and administrator welcome you and your parents to your school and the greater Hohenfels communities.  Hohenfels Middle High School (HMHS) promotes high student achievement by providing a wide-range of courses to meet the needs of our students. The “true” middle-high school concept is to prepare each student for life after high school whether it is in the work force, military service or a higher educational experience. Our focus is on our students and their learning. Our teachers support our school goals and core beliefs by providing “Excellent Instruction” to ensure that each student is prepared for the next level; whether it is 6th grade or college. The guidance counselor and the administration will work with the students to build relationships that will help to foster academic success.

HMHS School Vision and Core Beliefs
Student-Centered Learning
HMHS students reflect 21st century, student-driven collaborative group instructional delivery in an engaging, safe, and enriching environment.

Honored to Serve
HMHS Students serve the school and community by participating in events and activities that have meaningful impact for themselves and others.

Higher Order Thinkers
HMHS Students are provided with the necessary tools and support to achieve higher order thinking in the classroom and beyond.
Motivated Learners

HMHS Students have their overall needs met. An equitable environment is created when all students are motivated to learn by having strong relationships that foster growth and independence.

The vision and core beliefs of our school encourages all students to grow in personal responsibility which prepares our students for greater accomplishments and achieving goals. With your contributions, our school will be an even more rewarding place to achieve academically. You will find our teachers to be firm, fair, and friendly while they provide a curriculum that is based on rigor and the DoDEA standards.

We invite everyone to become involved at Hohenfels Middle High School. Our teachers will encourage your student to become involved with the different organizations and athletics that we will have for students within all grade levels. Research has shown that as students become more involved in their school activities, their grades improve, or are maintained at a higher level.

We hope that your time as a Hohenfels “Tiger” is rewarding from registration and orientation to your PCS departure date or graduation, we wish you a highly successful and rewarding Hohenfels Middle High school experience. As a TEAM, students, faculty, parents, and administrators we will work together to ensure that all students exceed their potential and that all have success at HMHS.

Go Hohenfels Tigers
Home of the Blue, Black, and White
Lauri Kenney