Department of Defense Education Activity

Ikego ES: Special Education


A Case Study Committee is charged with placement of children in special education classes and monitoring the special programs in the school. DoDEA Headquarters establishes guidelines for the committee in Arlington, VA. The members of the committee include; the Principal, Guidance Counselor, Learning Impaired Specialist, Speech and Language Pathologist, appropriate classroom teachers and other specialists as required. Parents are invited and expected to attend when their child’s case is being discussed.

Parents who suspect their child may have any special learning needs may refer their child, and may initiate a request through the classroom teacher.

The following DUE PROCESS RIGHTS FOR PARENTS OF EXCEPTIONAL STUDENTS apply even at preliminary levels:

• The right to access all recorded information about their child.

• The right to refuse permission for a formal assessment of their child with the understanding that the local school may request a hearing to present its reasons to obtain approval to conduct the assessment.

• The right to be informed of the results of a formal assessment and a description of how the findings of the evaluation are to be used, by whom, and under what circumstances.

• The right to request that the school provide information about where an independent evaluation may be obtained.

• The right to question proposed modifications of the regular instructional program for their child.

• The right to request a hearing if dissatisfied with attempts by the school to resolve a difference of opinion regarding the education of the child.



Child Find is a program designed to locate family members between the ages of 3 and 21 who are not enrolled in the DoDDS system but appear to need special educational services. Students are screened and assessed to determine the nature and extent of special services needed.

Appropriate placement can be made using available resources. Parents who have a concern about such a young person should contact the Case Study Committee (CSC) chair. An organized screening is usually conducted in coordination with EDIS each Fall and Spring; however a child may be referred for screening at any time.