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Clubs & Activities

After school clubs normally meet only on full schedule school days. Clubs do not meet on early release Wednesdays or on unscheduled early release (inclement weather) days. Parents must arrange for their child(ren) to be picked up from school at the end of the activity. Repeated late pickups may result in a child being deemed ineligible to participate in an after school club or activity. Notification of these events will be sent home along dates and times of the activity. In addition, due to occasional unforeseen training, meetings, or teacher absences, a club or activity may be canceled without advanced notice. The sponsoring teacher will attempt to notify students and parents of the canceled activity if time permits. If the activity is canceled at the last minute, students will be notified at the end of the instructional day.


Sponsors of clubs and extracurricular activities determine academic and behavioral (disciplinary) requirements that students must meet to participate in school sponsored extracurricular activities or to hold a leadership position in a curriculum-related club, team or student organization.

MBN on SetReading is Succeeding!Robotics

MBN~Mustangs Broadcasting Network
  • Eligibility:  5th Grade primarily with special reporters and guests from 3rd & 4th grades - 20 Applied & Auditioned Students
  • Teacher/Sponsor:   Ms. Giusto-Weibl, Educational Technologist
  • Meetings:  Daily mornings at 8am; Mondays afterschool; LIVE Broadcasts daily @8:30 : WATCH HERE!

MBN is a student-led and student-run broadcasting team.  All participants have the opportunity to experience a variety of roles from anchor, script writing, backgrounds, AV mixer, soundboard, lights, camera, streaming and producing.  Applications are sent out to all interested students and auditions are conducted at both the close and start of the school year.  Participating in this club, affords students the opportunity to connect 21st Century & digital learning skills to real-world applications.  We enjoy hearing feedback; so be sure to subscribe to us and leave a comment!



Student ProducersWe're LIVE on the Web!

Reading Club
  • Eligibility: 3rd Grades - 25 Invited Students
  • Teacher/Sponsor:   Ms. V. Collins & Ms. S. Collins
  • Meetings:  Mornings; 4 days each week

Our Reading Club meets most mornings, before the school day begins.  We focus on Reading Counts, phonics and rules for English. Research shows a strong foundation in phonics and opportunity too read and communicate in small groups strengthens comprehension.  Our goal is to have SRI scores increase by the end of the school year.

Students Readingstudents reading 2

*note-students shown are not necessarily club participants*

  • Eligibility: 4th & 5th Grades -   Pre-selected Students
  • Teacher/Sponsor:   Mr. Kelley & Ms. S. Collins
  • Meetings:  Tuesdays & Thursdays, afterschool

Students participating in this club will have the opportunity to experience the world of robotics, by learning how to design, build, and program robots, using Lego NXT systems. Students will also learn how to work cooperatively with team coaches and their peers. As students expand their knowledge, the club will eventually attend local and regional competitions. By the end of school year, students will have a greater understanding about robots and what makes them tick. Robotics is open to EVERYONE, and we encourage all interested students to apply.

Participants will be contacted by the club sponsors.





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