Department of Defense Education Activity

Extra-Curricular School Activities Program

The activities program is designed to be in harmony with KDHS's philosophy, goals, and strategies. Care is taken to avoid emulating the high school activities program, especially in regard to athletics. Students have an opportunity to explore a wide variety of activities, which include both group and individual participation.

Students participating in after school activities must report to the appropriate area no later than 1410, unless other arrangements have been made. Students, who leave campus, may not return. If a student is not in an after school activity, they are not permitted to be on campus after 1405, unless other arrangements have been made.

Getting Home After Extra-Curricular School Activities Program Pick-up/Walk

Parents are responsible for ensuring students have transportation home immediately following a school sponsored activity. Students should ensure they have parent permission to attend after-school activities prior to staying and have agreed upon transportation home.

Athletic Programs

Kadena HS Athletics Program

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Girls Soccer:

Boys Soccer:

Track & Field:



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  • Cadet Photo
  • Top Staff
  • Black Knights
  • Kitty Hawk Honor Society
  • Marksmanship Club
  • Drill Team
  • Color Guard
  • Saber Team
  • Communications Club
  • Cyber Patriot Club
  • Military History Club


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Term: All Year

Meeting Days: Monday,Wednesday,Tuesday,Thursday,Friday

Open To: Everyone