Department of Defense Education Activity

Kadena HS: Student Services

Guidance Counselors:
Kadena High School has counselors who work collaboratively and with students to provide a positive school experience. Counseling Services:

  • Welcome/orient all new students to KDHS.
  • Includes orientation and transition programs for incoming 9th graders and outgoing 12th graders.
  • Create all academic schedules and make changes in schedules.
  • Academic, small group and individual counseling.
  • Peer mediation.
  • Recruit, train, and assign transition guides to new students.
  • Behavior plans and 504 plans.
  • Classroom guidance.
  • Parent and teacher consultation.
  • Coordinates and administers standardized testing including.
  • National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).
  • Participate in Pupil Personnel Services (PPS), Case Study Committee (CSC), and team meetings.

School Psychologist
KDHS is staffed with a school psychologist who implements a school-wide positive behavior program, conducts assessments and tests, and collaboratively reports to support teams working to improve student welfare.  The school psychologist conducts individual, family, and group counseling in a variety of settings conducive to effective communication and support. The psychologist works closely with the counselors and administrators to offer a comprehensive continuum of student services.  In addition, the psychologist is a member of the Case Study Committee (CSC) and works with the academic teams on a regular basis.  Parents are encouraged to contact the school psychologist if they have a concern or to share valuable information about their child.


School Nurse:
The school nurse works with the school administrators to provide an environment that promotes optimal wellness and safety for all students.  The school nurse provides individualized quality health care for students, emphasizes health education at all levels, and utilizes available community and school resources to promote an overall healthy lifestyle for students, staff, and families.

Nursing Services:

  • Health screenings
  • Monitor student immunizations
  • Provide assessment/treatment for ill or injured students and staff
  • Refer appropriate cases to the ER or clinic
  • Refer contagious conditions/diseases as appropriate
  • Examine and reports any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect
  • Confer with parents, administrators, and teachers regarding student health concerns or problems
  • Provide liaison services with local medical facilities and consultant services for the CSC
  • Coordinate care and medication for students during the school day
  • Maintain medical and first aid supplies for the school

Medication Policy
Students requiring medication during the school may have a parent administer it in person, or the school nurse can administer.  If medication is to be given by the school nurse it needs to be accompanied by a hold harmless letter that is filled out and signed by the student’s doctor. The medication must be in its original package and be labeled with: name of student, name of medication, time to be taken, dosage, and prescribing doctor. Under no circumstances may a student bring medication to school to self-administer. Also, the school nurse may not dispense over the counter medication without a hold harmless letter on file.