Department of Defense Education Activity

Kadena Middle School English for Speakers of Other Languages

DoDEA ESOL Curriculum Program

The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program is for non-native English speaking students who need extra support in order to achieve success and reach their potential in content area classes. Upon registering for Kadena Middle School, all students are screened to determine if assessment is necessary. After initial assessment and records review, the ESOL student team; consisting of the ESOL teacher, classroom teachers, counselors, and parents all work together to determine the best educational plan for the incoming student.

An updated leveling system for ESOL students was implemented in the 2012-2013 school year.

We now recognize and identify students into one of 5 ESOL levels.

  • ·Level 1-Starting
  • ·Level 2-Emerging
  • ·Level 3-Developing
  • ·Level 4-Expanding
  • ·Level 5-Bridging

These levels are determined based on Language Assessment System (LAS) Links assessment, TerraNova scores, and teacher input/consideration.When a student is fully proficient based on the Language Assessment System (LAS), Links Assessment as well as scoring above the 50th percentile in all areas of the TerraNova Exam, they are exited from the program.

The objectives of the ESOL program are as follows:

  • ·Develop confidence in all forms of verbal interaction.
  • ·Relate to and be able to discuss common life experiences.
  • ·Understand and be able to discuss concrete and abstract experiences.
  • ·Comprehend written English.
  • ·Demonstrate appropriate English in routine conversation.
  • ·Promote a positive self-image and assume responsibility for further development.