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Kaiserslautern High School, (formerly known as Rhine High School or Kaiserslautern American High School) also known as "K-Town" or simply "KHS", is a private, Department of Defense (DoD) operated international school in Kaiserslautern, Germany. The school, which serves over 700 students with 68 full-time educators.

KHS is part of the DoDEA (Department of Defense Education Activity) system. KHS is located in the Europe East, one of the three European school districts run by DoDEA school by population in Europe. KHS serves students of the KMC (Kaiserslautern Military Community). The KMC inhabits approximately 50,000 Americans and is therefore the largest community of Americans outside of the continental US.

Shortly after the development of Western Area Command (WACOM) in 1952, when Americans took over the western area of Germany from the French, KHS was housed in a converted apartment building. On March 12, 1953, the school moved into an old hospital building, and expanded continuously over the years.

From 1953 to 1958, the school included a dormitory for approximately 150 French and German students. The school was originally known as Rhine High, wasn't referred to as KAHS until the early sixties, and KHS fairly recently. The school grew quickly, and prior to the construction of Ramstein High School in 1982, KHS was the largest military-operated high school outside the continental US with an enrollment of more than 1600 students.

Today, Kaiserslautern High School's enrollment has increased due to the relocation of military forces in Europe. Nevertheless, KHS is known for providing excellent education, and has a graduation rate of over 85%. When compared to other DoDEA schools, KHS ranks first in standardized test scores. With an annual tuition of approximately $26,000, KHS is also a rather expensive institution. However, dependents of the military and Department of Defense contractors, are exempt from paying.  Retired military, Contractors or NATO personnel are not exempt  from these changes.

KHS is fully accredited by AdvancED and NCA CASI/SACS CASI (North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). Every five years the school is visited by AdvancEd to assess the success of the school's individual school improvement plan. NCA CASI and SACS CASI accreditation engages the entri school community in a continuous process of self-evaluation and improvement. The overall aim is to help schools be the best they can be on behalf of the students they serve.

In August, 2019,  Dr. Jaqueline Ferguson replaced Dr. Barriett Smith as principal.   Dr. Ferguson transferred from Wiesbaden Middle School.  In February, 2016, Ms. Patrice Powdar joined the administrative staff as an assistant principal.  In September, 2019, Mr. Richard Jiménez joined the administrative staff as an additional assistant principal.

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