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In keeping with the DoDEA mission to "provide an exemplary education that inspires and prepares all our students for success in a dynamic, global environment", the DoDEA Curriculum Content Standards and the DoDEA Blueprint for Continuous Improvement provide the framework for academic excellence. Our curriculum translates the standards in to a sequenced series of statements about what students will learn through their school experiences.

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Career and Technical Education Courses
Kaiserslautern HS - The CTE curriculum is organized around Career Clusters that identify pathways from secondary school to two- and four-year colleges, and the workplace.
English Language Arts Courses
Kaiserslautern HS - The English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum provides students rich, rigorous programs that address literacy skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, as well as 21st-century skills in research, technology, and media.
Fine Arts Courses
Kaiserslautern HS - Fine Arts curricula epitomize the concepts of 21st Century Teaching and Learning through student engagement of critical thinking & problem solving; creativity & innovation, communication & collaboration.
Foreign Language Courses
Kaiserslautern HS - The Foreign Language Program prepares students to meet the challenges of an interdependent world community by enabling them to recognize the importance of learning foreign languages, engaging other cultures, and developing proficiency in one or more foreign languages.
Health and PE Courses
Kaiserslautern HS - Basic to health education is a foundation of knowledge about the interactions within the human body, the prevention of disease and other health problems, and the interrelationship between behavior and health.
KHS English Second Language
The English Second Language curriculum provides students rich, rigorous programs that address literacy skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening, as well as 21st-century skills in research, technology, and media.
KHS Gifted Education
These options vary from school to school and are based on student need, community and school resources, and district/school.
Mathematics Courses
Kaiserslautern HS - Curriculum standards, effective instructional strategies, and ongoing assessment of student progress are essential components of the math program.
Science Courses
Kaiserslautern HS - The Science Content Standards provide a framework for advancing student performance and achievement in science.
Social Studies Courses
Kaiserslautern HS - The program is designed to provide students with learning experiences which will aid in the development of knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes necessary for participation as citizens in a culturally diverse, democratic society.

Course Listing

All Courses SY 2021

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Course Name Course Number Course Grade Length
Advanced Quantitative Reasoning MAZ507 10,11,12 36
Advisory AAD301 9,10,11,12 36
Algebra GRAALG10 9,10,11,12 36
Algebra I MAA301 9 36
Algebra II GRAALG11 9,10,11,12 36
Algebra II MAA401 11 36
AP Environmental Sci SCZ611U 9,10,11,12 36
AVID 12 LAV601 12 36
Biology GRABIO10 9,10,11,12 36
Biology SCB410 9,10,11,12 36
Career and Technical Education GRAPTS10 9,10,11,12 36
Chemistry SCC410 9,10,11,12 36
Chemistry or Physics GRACPH10 9,10,11,12 36
CTE_Computer Technology GRAPTS11 9,10,11,12 18
Dual Enrollment-Social St 12 DESS12 12 36
Environmental Sci SCZ401 9,10,11,12 36
Fine Arts GRAFA10 9,10,11,12 36
General Course Elective GRAGEN10 9,10,11,12 36
Geometry GRAGEO10 9,10,11,12 36
Geometry Lab MAG405 10 36
Health Education GRAHLTE05 9,10,11,12 18
Health Education_ActNutrition GRAHLTE12 9,10,11,12 36
Health Education_LifetimeSports GRAHLTE10 9,10,11,12 36
Health Education_PersonalFit GRAHLTE11 9,10,11,12 36
Historical 2hr Transcript Course AAATRN992HR 9,10,11,12 36
Historical 3hr Transcript Course AAATRN993HR 9,10,11,12 36
Historical Dual Credit Course AAATRN99DEC 9,10,11,12
Historical Regular Transcript Course AAAATRN99REG 9,10,11,12
Honors Diploma Credit GRAHON10 9,10,11,12 18
Intermediate Drama DRA303 9,10,11,12 36
Intermediate Drama S DRA303S 9,10,11,12 18
Japanese Culture ICJ301 9,10,11,12 36
Lang Arts Lab 12 LAE605 12 36
Language Arts 09 GRAENG09 9,10,11,12 36
Language Arts 10 GRAENG10 9,10,11,12 36
Language Arts 11 GRAENG11 9,10,11,12 36
Language Arts 12 GRAENG12 12 36
Learning Strategies AAC331 9,10,11,12 36
Math Elective GRAMATE10 9,10,11,12 36
Physical Education_Act Nutrition GRAPHYE15 9,10,11,12 18
Physical Education_Lifetime Sports GRAPHYE05 9,10,11,12 18
Physical Education_PEL_PEF GRAPHYE25 9,10,11,12 36
Physical Education_PEL_PEN GRAPHYE30 9,10,11,12 36
Physical Education_PEN_PEF GRAPHYE35 9,10,11,12 36
Physical Education_Personal Fit GRAPHYE10 9,10,11,12 18
Physics SCP410 9,10,11,12 36
Precalculus MAD501 11,12 36
Psychology SSP501 11,12 18
Research Project INS341 9,10,11,12 36
Science Elective GRASCIE10 9,10,11,12 36
Seminar AAH301 9,10,11,12 36
Seminar 10 AAH402 10 36
Seminar 11 AAH502 11 36
Seminar 12 AAH602 12 36
Seminar 9 AAH302 9 36
Social Studies Elective GRASSE10 9,10,11,12 36
U.S. History/American GRAHST05 9,10,11,12 36
US Government GRAGOV05 9,10,11,12 18
Virtual School Course VSC001 9,10,11,12 36
World History GRAWRN10 9,10,11,12 36
World Language (Foreign Lang) GRAFL10 9,10,11,12 36
Yearbook Prod AAY301 9,10,11,12 36