Department of Defense Education Activity

Kessler ES: Counseling Services

Guidance and Counseling

We provide a comprehensive guidance program to all students to help build the foundation for life-long learning by assisting students with academics, career choices, personal problems and social issues. School counselors provide direct and indirect services and activities to students, families, and school staff for developing strategies that deal with education, personal and social challenges that may interfere with the academic achievement. The foundation for our Guidance and Counseling Program is helping students gain interpersonal skills and develop decision making and problem solving skills.

The purpose of the guidance program is to assist students in experiencing the most productive years possible academically, personally and socially. We try to do this in several ways:     

  • Individual Counseling  
  • Small Group Counseling    
  • Classroom Guidance Instruction     
  •  Parent Conferences   
  • School-Wide Activities      
  • Community Outreach Programs 
  • Test Preparation and Coordination    
  • Student Referral Services