Some students who live close to the school arrive and depart the school on bicycles. These students should wear helmets (due to post regulations) and safety equipment as needed. Take precautions, obey traffic rules and use extra care crossing streets when riding bikes to and from school. Students are to walk their bicycles on the sidewalk and not on the grass. Transported bus students who live several miles from the school should ride their assigned bus or be transported by a parent or guardian (rather than ride a bicycle to the school).

Bicycle Racks

Students must place their bicycles in slots on a school provided bicycle rack. Students are not to leave their bicycles on the ground or park them in front of the exit doors. Students should not take up more than one space for their bicycle. Students are strongly encouraged to lock up their bicycles. The school is not liable for missing or stolen bicycles. Bicycles not parked appropriately may be confiscated for pickup by student or by a parent.