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Kinnick HS


Eligibility and Enrollment

DoDEA Eligibility Information

Coming to Our School soon? Try our DoDEA Online Pre-Registration for incoming families to get your child(ren) pre-registered. You must still complete the registration process when you arrive.

For documents and information pertaining to moving to Japan please visit the Japan District Registration page.

New Student

Sponsor must fill out the following documents:

  • Sponsor/Pupil Registration (DSPA Form 2030.2)
  • The sponsor must sign the DS 600. We must have the signature of the sponsor, even if the spouse has Power of Attorney because of the allocation of funding. If the sponsor is not in country, temporary arrangements will be made to allow the child to attend school.
  • School Health Record (DoDDS Form 120)
  • Include any special health concerns necessary for your child's safety and well being.

Sponsor must present:

  • Copy of military sponsor's orders or Letter of Employment, SF50, and a copy of ID card for all local hire DOD civilian.
  • Area clearance message or dependent entry approval message listing school age dependents by name. (Navy or Marines)
  • Student's immunization record.

Returning Student

Sponsor or spouse must fill out the following documents:

  • Sponsor/Pupil Registration (DS Form 600)
  • Update for School Health Record (DoDDS Form 120)
  • Present an updated copy of sponsor's orders if needed. This is only necessary if the sponsor has received an extension of the original orders, or if the sponsor has been assigned to a different command within the commuting area.


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