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Kleine Brogel ES

Food Services

Nutritious hot lunches are served family-style in the Belgian lunchroom daily. Prices for hot lunch are as follows:

Elementary Students in grades (1-6) 3 € daily x 5 = 15 € / week

Kindergarten Students 2,5 € daily x 5 = 12,5 € / week

Adults 5 € daily

The students must bring sack lunches on any day there is a (Belgian holiday) when the cafeteria is closed; parents will be notified prior to these closures. At the end of each month you will receive a bill for the meals your child has had that month. You can pay that bill through your local Belgian bank like you pay any other local bill. You may also pay the bill at a local post office.

School Lunch 2

Bi-weekly menu is available in the Roadrunner newsletter


Stateside: 011 (+32) 11 79 2527
Local: (0)11 79 2527