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Kleine Brogel ES

Policies & Procedures

Student Conduct and Expectations

"It is the teacher's right to teach.....And the student's right to learn."

The KBES staff and administration work diligently to encourage students to develop and demonstrate the behavior that will help them be successful citizens. The following six standards, emphasize the behaviors we hope to instill in our students each day.

  1. Do be gentle
  2. Do be kind, helpful and respectful
  3. Do listen
  4. Do work hard
  5. Do look after property
  6. Do be honest

Appearance/Dress Code

The standards for dress are left to the discretion of parents. Boys and girls are expected to be neat and clean in appearance and wear clothing that is acceptable to the community. The weather here can be cold, damp, rainy, and often windy as well. It is imperative that parents send their children to school dressed in clothing that is appropriate for these weather conditions. For Physical Education classes, all students are required to wear athletic shoes and clothing appropriate for gym.


It is DoDDS's policy that discipline be maintained consistently and appropriately. We encourage students to grow in self-control, develop a sense of regard for fellow students, and have pride in their school community. Students have the responsibility for conducting themselves in a manner that does not violate the rights of other people. Along with staff, students share the responsibility of developing a caring climate within the school that is conducive to productive learning.

Additional information about student rights and responsibilities in DoDEA can be found on the DoDEA homepage

Arrival at School

Parents of students who walk to school are advised not to allow their children to leave home too early. Due to the lack of supervision, children should not arrive earlier than 8:15 AM. Your cooperation in this matter will greatly enhance the safety and security of our students. Parents must come to the front office to sign their child in if he/she arrives after 0830. It should be noted that Base policy has determined that it is the responsibility of our students' parents as to whether their children are supervised by an adult or older sibling while walking to and from school or bus stop.

Visitor Guidelines

As a security precaution and to minimize class disruptions, we ask visitors to ALWAYS report first to the office when visiting the school. At KBES we have instituted a 100% ID check policy for all visitors. Please sign in at reception, present your identification then you will be provided with a visitor's pass. We appreciate your cooperation.

Parents are always welcome and encouraged to visit classrooms and teachers. We do, however, request that parents notify the teacher a day or so in advance of any planned visit. An unscheduled arrival to a classroom by any visitor may needlessly interrupt a lesson, test, or examination.