Front of LHS

Since 1956, DoDEA has continued to provide a comprehensive quality education from kindergarten through grade twelve for the children of American military members, Department of Defense employees, and civilians employed in private American firms stationed overseas. The DoDEA system has a population of approximately 92,000 students, in 160 schools, and located in 13 countries. DESCRIPTION: Lakenheath High School (LHS) serves three U.S. Air Force bases located in the East Anglia region of England; about 1.5 hours drive northeast of London. LHS is coeducational. LHS was founded in 1960, making us the oldest DoDEA school in Great Britain. The school campus is composed of an auditorium, two gymnasiums, a vocational building, 6 science labs, 4 computer labs, specialized rooms for art and music classes and an extensive Information Center. 

GUIDANCE AND COUNSELING:Two counselors, a school psychologist, nurse and Adolescent Substance Abuse Counselor provide services in academic, personal, social, and career development. A Career Practicum Teacher provides opportunities in career work experience.

FACULTY: The faculty represents all areas of the United States, with many having teaching experiences in several countries.

STUDENT PROFILE: Many of our students have lived in several regions of the United States and often transfer from overseas schools. The average student makes 2.3 changes during their high school years due to the nature of overseas assignments.

SPORTS: LHS is a DoDEA European Division I (Large Schools) offering tennis, track, cross-country, golf, soccer, basketball, wrestling, football, volleyball, softball and cheerleading. Games require travel to continental Europe. Various base programs support Swimming and Baseball.

SPECIAL CURRICULUM FEATURES: Besides offering 10 AP classes, Honors English 9-10, and Physics, our varied elective program provides vocational classes and a Career Practicum program. A 4-year ROTC program includes a leadership summer camp in Germany. Special Education services are provided for students with mild to severe impairments.  Virtual online classes are available in almost every major field. Students may participate in the Model United Nations and Model United States Senate, the Robotics Club, the Speech and Drama Festival, Creative Connections, and the Shakespeare Festival.

School Mascot: Lancer

School Colors: Red and Navy (with white)