Department of Defense Education Activity

Shirley Lanham ES: Attendance Policy


An accounting of each student's attendance is kept on the computer in the teacher's class. The student's attendance will be checked formally at the opening of each school day, and informally after lunch. Any student wishing to leave early on a regular school day should present a note from parents to the teacher, requesting early dismissal. The parent must sign the child out in the student log located in the main office before a student can be taken from school during the day.

We request that parents please try to schedule medical appointments at times other than during school hours. When a child is tardy or has an early dismissal, he or she is missing an important part of his or her educational program. Students who are dismissed from school for a half-day are missing out on valuable class work. The clinics are cooperative about scheduling routine appointments after school hours or during a school vacation break.

Family trips are often invaluable to a child's development, but loss of school time should be taken into consideration before making plans. Prior to departing on an extended trip, parents should come to the office to complete a "Request for a Pre-planned Absence" form.

It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure their child completes all make-up work or assignments. School textbooks should not be taken on trips. Other assignments will be made as deemed necessary.





Students absent from school should, upon returning, bring a note from home signed by the parent or guardian explaining the absence. Excused absences are granted for the following reasons:


Family emergency

Medical reasons/appointments

Family trips


An excessive number of absences including family trips and unexcused absences will result in the sponsor’s command receiving a call from the Principal.



Students are expected to arrive at school on time, 0800. They are also expected to be in each class on time. When students are tardy (for any reason) at the beginning of the school day, a parent/guardian

MUST accompany the child to school and sign them in. Students should not be dropped off when they are late. Students who arrive after 0800 will receive a tardy slip from the office which will grant them admission to the classroom.


An excessive number of unexcused tardy days will result in the sponsor’s command receiving a call from the Principal.