Department of Defense Education Activity

Communication Procedures


Communication between home and school is invaluable in helping students. Frequent parent-teacher conferences are encouraged. There will be scheduled conferences when all parents will be invited to meet with teachers. Teachers, specialists, parents, or administrators may request additional conferences at any time deemed appropriate. However, you should call to speak with your child's teacher or to schedule a conference if you have questions.

Parent-Teacher conferences are held during the first and third quarter of the year. The first conference is held in the fall in early November. Siblings are scheduled together to accommodate families with more than one child in attendance in our school. Parents will meet with the teacher for this first conference rather than sending the report card home with the student. This conference provides a valuable opportunity for parents to establish a cooperative and collaborative working relationship with the teacher. We highly encourage parents to involve the child in the conference, as it will serve to reinforce the importance of achieving their highest capabilities in school.

The second conference is held after the third marking period usually in April. This conference is specifically for all new students enrolled in the classroom and for any child that may not be meeting grade level expectations.

Parents can request a conference at any time. Our goal is always to establish and maintain a cooperative and supportive partnership in promoting learning for the child. Collaboration in this manner will ensure success for all!